Top Tips For Choosing A Gym
15th December 2012
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We all know that many of you will want to start the New Year off by getting fit and joining a gym, but how easy is it to find the best gym to suit your needs? Here's our handy hints and tips to guide you in choosing the best one in Bolton.

1) Location Make sure the gym you want is close to home. You may find it very annoying travelling backwards and forwards and driving for long periods of time. You may end up finding that it is very difficult to dedicate yourself to a gym which isn't very close.

2) Quality Of The Gym When looking for the perfect gym, you need to make sure the facilities are just what you need. There is nothing worse that going to the gym and finding that the equipment isn't working or even worse its not kept clean.. When checking, make sure the gym you're looking for is maintained and cleaned to a high standard and the equipment is maintained to the highest standard possible.

3) Variety Of Equipment If your a newbie to working out, make sure the gym doesn't have too much equipment, as this may become confusing although some people like a variety. If you're planning on losing weight fast, look out for more cardio machines, these get your heart beat pumping faster and your breathing rate increased resulting in you being able to work out for more long periods of time without getting exhausted.

4) The Right Price Gym's can be a HUGE expense especially if they have lots of facilities. Be careful you are not paying for a gym where you only want to use the basic fitness facilities. You could end up paying for classes, pools, saunas and more however if you want the variety, then you need to be prepared to pay and increased price.

5) The Best Staff Possible When choosing, make sure the staff who are working there are trained enough to instruct you if you ever need it, make sure they are interested in helping you get fit and healthy. Finally, look for friendliness, you don't want your high morale lowered when going to the gym because of unfriendly staff. A smile will always brighten your day.


At thebestof Bolton, we have two great gym's. Helio fitness, which is a more affordable gym and Bolton Arena which has world class tennis courts. 

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