New Year, New You - Health & Fitness
2nd January 2013
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The most common New Year’s Resolution made when January 1st comes round is to get fit and healthy. Most people have been there, especially after the indulgence of the festive period. And we have some great local businesses in Bolton that want to help you achieve your goals.

Before you can work on getting your body fit on the outside, you need to make sure everything is okay on the inside. If you have any aches or pains, especially when you start to exercise, you should get them looked at. Bolton Therapy Centre provides excellent physiotherapy as well as massage, aromatherapy and holistic treatments.

Gym membership increases exponentially come New Year. Joining the right gym for you is important, and this blog can give you some helpful pointers. Helio Fitness is a great gym for those who want just that. It’s a gym, pure and simple, with a great range of classes, all for an excellent price.

Bolton Arena has a wide range of other options. As well as a gym, there is an athletics track, football pitches, and sauna and steam room. Oh, and it also happens to be the premier tennis centre in the UK.

For something a little different, why not try boxing? It’s one of the most effective sports when it comes to getting fit, giving you a cardiovascular workout whilst also helping tone the body. Gloves Community Centre, home of Amir Khan, is a great local gym with all the facilities needed to start boxing, from beginners to experts.

Or, for something more refined and cultured, but no less effective, Sandham's Dance Studio have great dance classes in a range of styles for those just starting to those who can be found regularly on the dance floor.

If the gym or the boxing ring isn’t for you, how about a long walk in the countryside? Campcraft have an excellent of walking equipment, from walking boots to warm and waterproof clothing, whether you are just walking in a field or hiking up a mountain.

It’s all well and good beginning a new exercise regime, but you won’t feel the full benefit of this unless you start to eat healthier. Buying quality meat is a big step, with protein essential in a healthy diet. And Barrons Of Beef only deal in the best meat available.

Bolton markets also have a great range of meat, as well as all the fruit and vegetables you’ll need for your new healthy lifestyle. But it won’t cost you anymore than you were paying before with great prices and deals available throughout the year.

Finally, whilst you’re leading your new, healthy lifestyle, your pet can join you, with top quality food from Heights Farm Premium Pet Foods. Their food is delicious, nutritious, and perfect for any animals with allergies.

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