More Sporting Events In Bolton? Also Twin Town Road Race In Paderborne You're Invited
19th August 2011
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Did you enjoy the Iron Man competition held in Bolton on 31st July? We certainly did and it seems negotiations are under way for Bolton to play host to other major sporting competitions.

Bolton Council are in talks with British Cycling to bring top class racing to Bolton. Cycle racing happens all around the country and is followed with great enthusiasm and support and bringing it to Bolton can only be good for local business.

Bolton have successfulllu hosted both road racing and also mountain bike racing events during the commonwealth games in 2002 and brinking more events to Bolton can only be good for the profile of the town and the economy.


Speaking of sporting events, a special invitation has been issues to Bolton Athletes to take part in our twin town Paderborns annual road race

Boltons Twin town Paderborn hosts an annual Easter road race next year and would like Bolton runners to join them in their annual race.

The international event attracts thousands of competitors and Bolton athletes are being invited to take part in either a 10km or half marathon road race on Saturday April 7th.

The event caters for all abilities with different classes for age groups.

If you would like to take part in this event, contact Michael Tatman 01204 596246 or email

And dont foget if you are in training for any sporting event or simply just looking to improve your fitness, we have a fantastic local sports venue, Bolton Arena, with fully trained staff and fantastic facilities to really motivate you on.



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