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17th December 2015
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Within our workshops we help people to become more aware of their behaviours and how these impact upon other people. 

We are accredited to use a wide variety of assessments that include Myers Briggs Type Indicator and DISC.  One tool we use is quick to provide behavioural insights in training workshops and is very straightforward to use.  It is called TetraMap; a framework for assessing behaviour that looks how you typically behave at work and how this is perceived by others.

TetraMap uses the metaphor of nature around four basic Elements: Earth, Air, Water and Fire.  The Elements are metaphors for human behaviour with one (sometimes two) representing your preferred behaviour style. 

Each person receives a booklet which contains a self-assessment exercise that helps to identify which behaviours are used most – and those that are used least.  Examples of these might be: decisiveness, generating ideas, looking for harmony or planning.  You are asked to rank these in order, from those that represent you the most at work and those that represent you the least.  Analysing your answers gives four different numbers or values that indicate your preference around the four Elements.

This process only takes about 5 minutes.  In the workshops, people discover their behavioural profile and those of their colleagues when everyone maps their profiles onto a flipchart.  From this, it can be seen that there may be a high tendency within the group towards one Element giving an indication of how the group behaves as a whole.  For example, there may be many individuals with a preference for ‘Air’ driving process and planning with few people with ‘Fire’ preference demonstrating creativity and enthusiasm, and there may be a few ‘Earth’ dominant individuals who stand out. 

The behaviour of the group may be due to do the sector or industry that they work in and the background of the participants.  This can be an eye opener for the group as we explore the consequences that this can have on the performance of the group and the individuals involved.  Feedback from delegates is that this is really fascinating.

Next, we split the workshop into four groups according to their highest Element to explore the typical behaviours of each Element:

  • How do you like to be approached?
  • How do you not like to be approached?
  • Which strengths do you bring to the team?
  • How do you behave under pressure?
  • What are the do’s and don’ts with each Element?

There is always a lot of fun and laughter during this exercise as people gain a better understanding of themselves and each other.

TetraMap is a good way of helping people to open up – especially for participants who may not have been reluctant to attend the workshop in the first instance.  They realise that the workshop is about them and their colleagues, and not about the trainer at the front of the room.

The beauty of TetraMap is that it is not about personality type or traits – it is focused around behaviour.  People grow within their business and in their positions and so their Elements can change.  The main message is that behaviour is observed and that this behaviour can be changed; it is not about putting people into a box, giving them a label or a series of meaningless letters.

TetraMap can be linked to Myers Briggs Type Indicator, DISC and to other psychometric assessments.  TetraMap, itself, is NOT a psychometric; it is a framework for exploring behaviour and communication.  We like it because it easy use, easy to understand and easy to remember forming the basis of many training workshops based around emotional intelligence.

TetraMap can be used on a large scale within a company, so that it becomes a common theme throughout the organisation.  We are involved in projects using TetraMap within the National Health Service involving senior managers, doctors, radiographers, learning and development managers, nursing staff, research workers, etc.  All report major benefits from its use, its application and its understanding within their daily work interactions and, also, outside of work.

EI4Change are accredited to facilitate TetraMap workshops that will enable you to easily understand your behaviour and the behaviour of your colleagues, which in turn leads to improved performance and better satisfaction.

If you would like your team to experience a really different, meaningful style of workshop then talk to us. Give us a call on 01204 853879

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