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Robin H
Member since: 11th May 2011
Last login: 14th December 2017
Hometown: Bolton
Robin Hills is Director of Ei4Change – a company based in Bolton specialising in leadership development, tem workingand people development through the practical application of emotional intelligence.

Robin has over 35 years’ successful commercial, project management, recruitment and line management experience across a range of industries. He has the British Psychological Society Test User Occupational Ability (Level A) and Occupational Personality (Level B) certificates in psychometric testing. He is a qualified Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and Advanced DISC practitioner and qualified to use assessments in emotional intelligence. His focus is around career counseling, performance coaching, training and team building.

Calm and confident with a positive outlook, he is an empathetic communicator, team player and facilitative business leader.who uses a variety of practical, business-focused, yet fun, interventions that aid and encourage learning on a one-to-one or group basis.