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Campcraft are doing it again. Its almost time for their annual club week where you can go in store any time between 5th and 10th November and get 20% of anything in store.
Exploring the great outdoors is lots of fun. It's enlightening, it's full of self-discovery, and it's therapeutic. But it can also be dangerous. Campcraft, Bolton, now have a product that an alleviate some of that danger. Click to read more.
Back pain is the leading cause of sickness from work, costing the economy around £19billion a year. A staggering amount. Bolton Therapy Centre want to reduce this cost in Bolton. Click to find out how.
Campcraft was established in 1964, and, during that time, one member of the team has stood proud, unbending and unbreaking, dealing with the pressures of business, a receptacle for problems, if you will. But that sad day has come when that team member has been removed from service. Click to read more of this harrowing but uplifting tale.
Sandham's Dance Studio have introduced their all new timetable for the new academic year, and it's got some great new classes for everyone, adults and juniors. No matter who you are or what you like, there's a class for you. So take a look.
It's been a busy Summer in 2012, especially for the team down at Deryl Whittakers Northern Academy of Dance & Stage. And, to carry on the trend into Autumn, they are launching new gymnastics classes, taught by an Olympic coach. Click to find out more.
Campcraft are an excellent local business with great values and great customer service, along with quality products at quality prices. As a result, business is booming. So they are looking for two new members of staff to join their team. Could it be you?
Jason Kenny, born and raised in Bolton, has claimed two gold medals at the London 2012 Olympic Games, the first member of Team GB to do so. It's an incredible achievement, one to make the whole town proud. Read about it here.
This Summer has seen nothing but rain, rain, rain. However, that hasn't stopped the members of Bolton Old Links Golf Club enjoying a great month of golf. So much going on over there, and so much to be cheerful about. Read all about it . . .
Bolton Council and Bolton Lads and Girls Club invite you to their opening ceremony for the Bolton 2012 Summer of Sport Games. The parade will leave Churchgate at 11.30am and groups, organisations and individuals are invited with banners, flads & drums.
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