The General Election In May Means Changes To The Self Build Housing Market. Lodgico Give You A Heads Up On What To Expect!
24th August 2015
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At the elections the Conservatives achieved a majority in government, but what does this mean for the custom and self build industry?  The agenda for housing includes not only offering 1 million or more tenants the ‘right to buy’ their housing association homes, but also a ‘right to build’ scheme that pledges that everyone should have the opportunity to build their own home.

So, lets break that down starting with:

‘The Right To Build’

Are you one of the million people planning on building your own home in the next 5 years?  The Conservatives are backing people who want to build their own home by pledging to double the number of self builds or custom builds by 2020.  This would also require local councils to allocate land to residents wishing to build their own home.

'Right To Buy'

As more people may benefit from ‘the right to buy’ scheme, you be one of them!  The proposed extension to this scheme will provide a huge boost to the house building sector, as the full value of receipts from the sale of social housing and the most valuable council properties will have to be invested in building more affordable homes.

This would mean that it's possible to build serviced plots on the same sites with houses for sale on the open market.  Then the profits from these house sales will be used to subsidise more affordable houses whilst also making peoples dreams of being homeowners a reality.  The plan is not without controversy, but boosting the economy, local employment and helping people build and own their home seems a very good plan.

How will the new laws affect me?

Well, just before the General Election the ‘self-build and custom house building act 2015’ law was passed.  It will mean local planning authorities will need to establish the demand for self and custom build locally.  Then with this information they will have to create a register and make provision for this in their 5yr land supply.

The Conservative Manifesto aims high and recognises the major role would-be self builders could play in boosting house building and solving the nation’s housing crisis.  They have also pledged to support locally led garden cities and towns prioritising Brownfield development.

This will ensure homes are matched by the necessary infrastructure to support and maintain them.  This will also include a high number of self and custom build plots.  If you are planning a self or custom build home or have always had the dream to build/own your own home call the experts at Lodgico on: 07980 001915.

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