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Benjamin Franklin said “there were only two things certain in life: death and taxes”. Which makes forward planning an imperative if you have family finances to safeguard.
Life is unpredictable and often unforeseeable events happen. Planning for the inevitable and even for the unexpected will help to protect the ones you love at a time when their world has fallen apart.
When a loved one passes away there is so much to cope with not to mention the administration of their estate. Financial worries can also be an issue and understanding the cost of legal proceedings can remove some of that worry. Samuels Solicitors try hard to help in that process.
Every stage of moving home can be a stressful experience so having an expert working in your best interests has to be your highest priority. Reduce that stress by getting a professional conveyancing team to take the strain for you.
If you are struggling with your finances and life in general, or you know someone in need of support and assistance in North Devon, Wiser£money could help.
The UK is witnessing a new type of retiree as the first post-war 'baby-boomers' pass the old Default Retirement Age of 65 years. Will you be using your hard earned savings to be getting what you want from life?
Are you thinking of making the most of your investments before the new tax year starts? If so, then you may be interested in knowing that from New Years Eve new regulations are being implemented regarding charges related to advice about your investments.
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