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Meet Matthew, he lives in Bude with his family and looks like your typical 10year old. However, Matthew is a very special lad. When he was five and a half months old he got meningococcal septicemia. He was incredibly poorly and nearly died but luckily Matthew is a true fighter and bravely fought for his life and won! His recovery was a slow and steady one that is such a blessing however as he got older it was clear that the disease had left him with an acquired brain injury causing him to have learning difficulties, speech and language problems, behavioral problems and sensory processing disorder. He has no danger awareness and is constantly seeking sensory stimulation. Matthew is in need of a sensory room in his home to help with his day to day recovery and this is where you can help.
Thinking of heading to the Pantomime in Barnstaple this year? We sent in a local family to get the low down on Aladdin at The Queens Theatre - Here's what they had to say...
After you have brought your little bundle of joy into the world and spent many nights feeding, changing and cleaning vomit up with baby wipes the idea of returning to work can be met with mixed emotions.
The services we rely on in North Devon has saved and changed children’s and adult’s lives for the better. Now we are at risk of losing these including SCBU, labour and delivery wards, outpatients, theatre and the children’s ward. Here is how to help.
If you are struggling to find an activity that your kids enjoys or gains confidence from, why not consider bouldering or indoor wall climbing? You'll be surprised at the wide range of health benefits and fun
The Euro’s have been a great inspiration to all North Devon kids to really get out there and put their best foot forward.
It's the holidays!! Yes a break from school work for the kids, and time you can spend together as a family or with friends. Here are some ideas of what to do in North Devon that won't break the bank!
As a mum of 2 boys, aged 4 and 10, its always nice to find something that we can all do and enjoy. My dad mentioned taking the boys to the panto and I’m so glad we did! What a treat and what a laugh!!
April 23rd is 'Take Our Daughter's or Son's To Work Day' Could you teach your child/children valuable life lessons and have them join you in your North Devon workplace for a day?
The aim of National Bug Busting Days (three during the year) is to find all the head lice and zap them in one fell swoop. This stops them from circulating endlessly. Often a child who has caught head lice in the last month will show no obvious symptoms, but they are still contagious.
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