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Lila Dance's The Deluge is being brought to Braunton on April 8th. YOU are invited to take part in a SPECTACULAR DANCE THEATRE PERFORMANCE. Whether you are 8 or 108 this will be a showstopper and you could be the heart of it.
If you find that endless staring at your phone is interfering with your life, then here is a great way to break the habit.
If you are planning a day out exploring the wonderful countryside on Exmoor, then you want to be safe and make sure you consult this extensive list for key items to take with you.
There is no doubt that the Rio Olympics has highlighted well establish sports as well as newer sports like rugby sevens, BMX cycling and mountain biking are are all physically and mentally challenging. That’s exactly why rock climbing should be considered to be an Olympic sport in future games!
National Marine Week runs from 23 July to 7 August 2016 will get you grabbing your wellies and venturing into Britain's great outdoors. Living in North Devon, with it's stunning coastline means that you are already ideally placed to do some Marine plant, creature and landscape hunting of your own!
The Euro’s have been a great inspiration to all North Devon kids to really get out there and put their best foot forward.
Life is pretty full on for Project:Dance! Principal dancers, Steve and Karen Moss. Read about a typical week for them and see if you aren’t out of breath when you finish!
Local man, Paul Stevens has become a huge advocate and supporter of Clarity following the death of his son Dan, who killed himself 4 years ago. Paul and his family are determined to do something positive in his memory. Raising funds for Clarity and awareness of the support affected families is Paul's aim.
With many extra curricular activities stopping through the school holidays, we have found something great for all kids that on all year through!
It feels good to make something yourself, so here’s a few fun ideas of things to create whilst entertaining the kids on dull Barnstaple days!
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