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To get the most from your home you need it to look its best inside and out. Whether you’re looking to move home or just want to improve a tired looking inside, here are our top tips to get more from your house.
If you were looking for the ideal building company in Barnstaple to build an extension, annexe or create a loft conversion in your house, what would be the services that would give you confidence to go ahead and book an appointment?
Has your central heating mysteriously stopped working? Have you got water pouring through the ceiling? If you have got a plumbing emergency, you absolutely want a reliable and trustworthy plumber in your address book.
Fuel poverty is a much talked about topic, especially to do with travel and transport. But it affects many people who have trouble affording heating fuel for their homes. Help is at hand, read on for more information
Heat pumps are a source of renewable energy that could be worth your consideration. They are not suitable for every type of building and need careful and expert consideration, The Works M7B Ltd give you the low down
Turning on the tap and getting no hot water is a moment we all dread. Mod cons like hot and cold running water, electricity at our finger tips and toasty warm rooms are taken for granted, so when your boiler fails you want to be sure of a trustworthy, efficient and safe replacement. The Works M&B share the questions you need to ask.
Freezing weather can create real headaches for home owners who haven't taken precautions against the freezing weather. Here in North Devon night-time temperatures often drop below zero so take the advice offered here and reduce the risk of frozen pipes, burst pipes and expensive floods that could have been avoided.
The best Warren Buffet advice - echoed by many others - is: invest only in what you know.
Recent news of further price hikes for electricity and gas users is depressing news and it means 2 things............prices aren't going down any time in the near future and home and business owners need to take action to manage their heating bills better. Chris Macrae of the Works M&B Ltd has a top tip to share with you.
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