The Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) Has Been Launched
24th April 2014
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Offering expert advice on these revolutionary eco-friendly home and business heating units, The Works M&B Ltd in Barnstaple are the people to approach.  

In independent tests, Ecodan was found to reduce emissions by 50% and running costs between 15% and 60%  in comparison with traditional forms of heating. This is a low maintenance product with controls which are easy for the end user to use and understand.

How does Ecodan work?

Ecodan is an air source heat pump and the technology inside it is very similar to that of a domestic fridge - transferring heat from one place to another.

In the case of the Ecodan heat pump, it removes warmth from the air outside and transfers it inside the home to heat radiators and provide hot water.

An ecodan heat pump converts 1kW of electricity into 3 or 4kW of useful heat for the home, maximising efficiency all year round.  Even on the coldest days, ecodan harvests renewable heat energy from the outdoor air and transfers it inside the home to heat radiators and provide hot water.

Traditional oil-fired boiler systems work by producing bursts of heat to maintain the desired room temperature.  Ecodan works much more efficiently by supplying hot water to the radiators at a lower, yet more constant temperature, giving a more controlled level of warmth plus all the hot water needed.

Ecodan is designed to work at optimum efficiency whatever the weather.  Able to work efficiently with outside temperatures even as low as -20°c.

Heat pumps can also be used in a dual full bivalent heating systems (e.g. heat pump combined with oil boiler).

A customer focused company with a professional & qualified team, The Works M&B Ltd, help clients to access grant funding that is relevent to their set of circumstances.  Everybody is aware of ever rising energy costs and The Works M&B Ltd help you make informed, professional and impartial decisions.  Call them now on 01271 308104.

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