Six questions to ask your central heating engineer about fitting a new gas boiler. North Devon based The Works M&B, share their answers
17th May 2013
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If the worst happens and you know that your boiler is past it, you need a quick efficient and safe replacement from GasSafe qualified central heating fitters you can trust. Chris Mcrae shares the essential questions you need to ask..............

1. Does my boiler have to stay in the same place? The easiest (and cheapest) option for any boiler to be installed is in the same location as the old one, the reason being that the pipes are all in the right place especially if you are changing like for like (combi to a combi). If you’re converting from a system (a system or ‘heat only’(HE) boiler with hot water cylinder and header tank) to a combi there is a good chance that the cold and hot water pipes will have to be “run” to the new boiler. You can generally install a boiler on any wall as long as it’s near an outside wall so that the flue can be conducted outside. Also to consider, where is the gas supply, radiator pipes, hot and cold water pipes to and from, situated.

2. A pipe must leave the boiler and exit in to a drain. All boilers by law must have a SEDBUK efficiency rating of A, this means that they must be “condensing”. All condensing boilers create condensation, this leaves the boiler in liquid form via a waste pipe which can “tap” in to a sink/bath/washing machine waste pipe inside the property, and ideally kept inside the building as it will prevent freezing in winter months. This pipe must have a downward slope of at least 5%.

3. What brand and make of boiler to choose? We can fit any brand/model of boiler but through years of experience our preferred choice we supply and fit ‘Intergas Boilers’. Intergas has for more than 40 years been in the forefront of manufacturing domestic boilers in the Netherlands. Their invention of the ‘Double High Efficiency’ heat exchanger revolutionized boiler technology. The unique two in one heat exchanger ensures the reduction of heat losses and an optimum transfer on heat. The absence of a diverter valve and a secondary hot water plate heat exchanger eliminates a significant source of possible future failures. No other manufacturer has this technology so this is a smart choice of boiler. With proven reliability their HRE range has significantly fewer moving parts (only four) which results in far great reliability. All the major manufactures make claims about their boiler’s efficiency and effectiveness but Intergas back their claims with a 10 year warranty on the heat exchanger and predict a lifespan of their product to be in region of 20years, whilst the average lifespan of a modern boiler is 7years.

4. What thermostatic controls do I need? With any new central heating system you must have a minimum of a time and temperature control. This would include a room stat, programmer and thermostatic radiator valves and best option is a wired room stat, but for difficult installation Wireless (WIFI) is an option. For holiday homes we can now offer an option to control & monitor your heating system from anywhere in the world, via a smart phone or computer. We can quote for them as part of an installation. You can read about our thoughts on TRVs here.

5. Get the system flushed! We always flush the system as the warranty will be void if your new boiler becomes damaged because of sludge from your radiator system. As an optional extra we can fit a Magnetic filter, this will collect any collect sludge (magnetite) from radiators, for years ahead.

6. How long will it take? An average combi to combi exchange will take 7-14 hours (sometimes done in one day) a conversion (system boiler to combi) would normally take 3-5 days, so be prepared for at least one night without hot water or heating if getting a conversion.

Chris and Seb take great pride in the quality of their workmanship, ensuring customers make informed decisions that give them the most appropriate central heating for their needs. If you own a property in Barnstaple or surrounding North Devon towns and villages, they are happy to visit, advise and quote for the work. Call 01271 308104. And you can read some of their reviews here

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