Is Your Central Heating Cruising Or Costing? Great Advice From The Works M&B Ltd
10th January 2016
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With all the berries on the trees this Autumn, word is that we have a hard winter ahead.  Which may mean extra expense with your central heating, be it gas or oil.  Chris Macrae has many years experience of helping his North Devon customers manage their heating costs.

In his words: “Running your central heating is a bit like how you drive a car.......if you accelerate and brake quickly then your fuel and brake pad costs rise much faster!  It’s a similar analogy running your central heating; if you keep the heating off all day then crank it up for evenings, your costs will invariably be higher than keeping a base level of heat with small and managed increases when and where you need them.”

This means that adding more advanced controls will help you manage your heating costs in the long term and often recoup their costs within a year or 2.  

So what are the options?

Thermostatic radiator valves – Helps you manage radiator heat output by room.  Added to each radiator in the house you can set the temperature output by how much you use the room.

Zoned heating controls – Gives more control over heating output by room and by time of day or night.  It’s possible to change which rooms you want heated by day of week and weekends or for variable periods of time (like holidays).

Remote control heating – Now its possible to add remote control to your heating controls via a connected smart phone app.  This means you can remotely manage your heating at home (or in the office) regardless of your location in the country, as it’s all done through a wifi connection (so you do need wifi internet at home).  This form of heating control is ideal for many family homes, especially if people are using the house at different times of day (especially teenagers!), if you have holiday cottage properties (when do guests ever care about the cost of heating and hot water?) or you use a property on an adhoc basis.

There are several makes of remote heating controls on the market, you may have heard of Hive, also less well known Honeywell Evohome, but speak to Chris for his advise and you will find out the best manufacturers to suit your purposes.

The Works M&B have great reviews from their customers which you can check out here:

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