Is It Possible To Do A Loft Conversion In My Home? Lodgico Tell You What To Look Out For.
4th May 2015
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If you’re wondering how to accommodate a loft conversion in your house, Lodgico – North Devon’s experienced and trusted builders give you sound advice on 'must haves' to create your dream loft conversion. Have you thought about?

Access - Loft stairs can be tricky to design especially if space is at a premium.  Have you thought about the practicality of narrow winding flights- especially with getting furniture up or down?  Custom built stairs is worth keeping in mind when you’re planning your loft conversion.  As part of the fire and safety regulations your stairway to heaven should lead to a hall and an external door.  Your access to the loft must must comply with strict regulations and have safe escape routes.

Weight - Can your home take the weight of a loft conversion?  Any loft conversion will add weight to your house and you need to check that the structure of the building can take it.  The foundations, beams and lintels will need to be checked to ensure they can carry the extra weight.

Height - How tall are you?  Headroom is really important when thinking of a loft conversion.  Will you be able to stand tall once your loft is converted?  Don’t forget you’ll have to accommodate the staircase so ensure you have enough head height here too.  Is your loft being used by water tanks and plumbing?  Do you plan to put in a sealed system for all your heating and hot water needs?T  his should be taken into consideration as it may eat into some of your loft space

Storage - When converting your loft you will, of course lose storage space.  You need to consider how to make the most of what space you have, whilst accomodating a new room in the attic.  Built-in wardrobes are the ultimate in storage and a sneaky cheat where standard units won’t fit in.

Building Regulations & Party Walls - Loft conversions always need approval under Building Regulations even if they already have planning permission.  Trusted builders take much of the risk out by having detailed designs and ensure all building regulations are met and any party walls will meet strict approved guidelines.  Is your house is semi-detached or terraced?  Work needs to be continually inspected and on a final inspection you should be issued with a completion certificate.

With more aspects to consider like: altering the roof structure, fire safety, sound control and heat insulation, you can see that a loft conversion needs a lot of thought and planning.

If this has whetted your appetite and you’d like a free visit to assess your home's suitability for a loft conversion, give Lodgico a call on 01271 308091 or visit their website at:

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