How to Avoid Burst Pipes in the Big Freeze. Top Tips from Barnstaple Plumbers The Works M&B Ltd
21st January 2013
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Even if temperatures are easing off right now, its always possible for another big freeze to descend on North Devon and its never too late to prepare for the cold and take preventative measures to protect your home or office from unnecessary damage.

Here are a few tips that may make a differrence to you this year.

1. Find where your stop cock to the mains water supply is located and make sure its not seized and can be turned off quickly in the event of a burst pipe.

2. Trace your cold water supply through-out your property and identify areas of the building that are cold, not heated and exposed to the cold and frost. Lag them with polystrene that can be bought at any DIY store for the correct gauge pipework.

3. Ensure your cold water tank (most likely found in the attic) is covered and lagged.

4. Drain off and turn off the water supply to outside taps and garages.

5. If you are away from home for a period of time ensure the heating is maintained at a minimum level 12-15C and ask a friend to check periodically. Ensure internal  doors are open and allow warm air to circulate the property.

6. If you do find frozen pipes, use GENTLE heat like hot towels and hot water bottles to thaw them.

Whether you are the home owner or living in rented property, all of the above preparation will reduce the likelihood of burst pipes, the damage and heartache of lost personal possessions, expensive insurance claims and the upheaval that surround them.

If you need help with any of the above you can call The Works M&B Ltd for assistance on 01271 308104 or read more about them here


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