Enhance Your North Devon Home With Open Plan Living
17th April 2016
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Open-plan rooms create a clear, spacious area for yourself where light can reach every corner of the room and brighten up your house and life.  The benefits include:

Encouraging communication in the family.  If your kids are glued to all manner of screens, having that visibility to see what they're up to is great, but also promotes conversations between all family members.

Whether you're cooking in the kitchen, or cleaning the living room, having an open floor plan allows you to converse with people in other rooms and share in jokes wherever you are in the home.  Most importantly though, it builds a sense of togetherness in the home.

Open floor plans always look highly attractive, they appear modern, cutting edge, and straight out of a fancy home magazine.  Having bare open space lends this to a minimalist look, which is both stylish and extremely easy to keep clean and which also invites sunlight into the home.  By removing walls from the interior of the home, external light is allowed to spread throughout the entirety of the household.  A sunlight filled home will increase happy endorphin's increasing optimism and positivity.

Natural light in an open plan home allows you to save a lot of money too.  You can exchange normal, electric-hungry lights for more economical mood lighting.  If you're mindful of these things, you can save yourself a bundle on electricity costs, and improve your house at the same time!  To keep the house minimalist, you can look at storage saving furniture.  Duel purpose, stylish furniture will give you the essentials that you need with the storage out of sight for all those bits and bobs that may spoil your new spotless home.

Open plan rooms still need dressing, so whether it's curtains, cushions, colours or interior design make sure the accessories in your home reflect you through carefully selected pieces.  With open plan living you only need an accent of things in home decor to really reflect the space in the room.

If open plan sounds like it's for you call the local specialists in the field.  Barnstaple Builder's, Lodgico has extensive experience in room and home renovation.  For more information call them on 01271 308091.

North Devon's SR Furniture has a wealth of sleek suitable furniture that look stunning in any home.  They also have storage options that would fit perfectly and prove useful in any household .  For more information call: 01271 308092.

If you need personalised home design advice or any interior decoration call the local experts at VK Colourworks on: 01271 308093. 

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