Advice on Your Under-floor Heating from Barnstaple Installer, The Works M&B Ltd
9th May 2016
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If extending or upgrading part of your house, one of the new essentials to consider is under-floor heating.  You can see a previous article here about electric vs plumbed under-floor heating, but Chris is keen to point out other considerations.

What surface to use?  It's important that your floor surface conducts the heat for you and your family to feel the benefit! Stone, slate and ceramic tile are ideal and many people also use wood.  Laminate floors and carpets can tend to act as insulation, which may defeat the object of the installation!

Where to use under-floor heating?  Kitchens and bathrooms are the most obvious choice, based on the flooring you will use, as well as sitting rooms.  As a general rule you will put under-floor heating in downstairs rooms and radiators upstairs as the flow of heat will very often heat the upstairs too!

Some common mistakes to avoid?  If you are adding to a kitchen, be sure not to heat the floor area under all the cupboards, you do not want to create a sub tropical climate underneath your vegetable rack!

In your bathroom  You may want to create hot spots in front of the sink, shower, bath and toilet and space more widely across the general floor area.

In your living room  If you are planning to have big rugs over a slate floor, then you may want a more concentrated heat around the edge of the room.  But remember a new owner may want to reconfigure the room so never have cold spots!   

For more specialised advice from the professionals call Chris and his team at The Works M&B Ltd on: 01271 308104. 

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