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Vicki from The Beauty Gallery shares her top 6 beauty tips for the festive season..
Mother and daughter, Vicki and Mandy, from The Beauty Gallery, will be at this year's Christmas Fayre in Lavenham on Friday and Saturday
I doubt I’m alone in having a life I can only describe as being pretty full on. I’m a mum to two girls, fast approaching their teens and have to deal with all that entails.
As the colder weather approaches, our skin can really suffer. Here are some Dermalogica Winter Skincare Tips from you local skin experts at The Beauty Gallery in Lavenham
Male Grooming Treatments
Male Grooming Treatments
21st Century Hair Styling and Men’s Grooming is here in town thanks to FresHair and Barbers of Norwich
Having white teeth is one of the most effective and inexpensive ways on boosting one’s confidence without having to change much in his or her appearance. With this in mind, a lot of products came out in the market selling whiter teeth can be achieved in the comforts of your own home at a much cheaper price. This is proven to be tempting for most people but having your teeth cleaned by a professional will give you a more satisfying result.
I realised the other day, it's probably been over six months since I last paid a visit to the hair dressers. I have a lot of hair and it takes hours and hours of my time, so with my family work, I tend to myself at the bottom of the list. Not unusual for working woman with a young family!
Going to the hairdressers is a treat that most of us enjoy once every six weeks or so. Many people with curly hair want their hair permanently straight and many people with straight hair want theirs permanently curly. FresHair and Barbers in Norwich bring to you some straightening solutions!
Dentists help in making sure that our dental health is in tiptop shape. Whenever we experience toothaches or we need alterations for our crooked teeth, dentists are there to help us. However, other people tend to avoid dental appointments until they start to feel pain and notice hard plaque sticking to their teeth.
Fly Happy - Overcoming your fear of flying. Learn about how fears and phobias are created and how you can help yourself overcome them
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