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7th September 2016
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I realised the other day, it's probably been over six months since I last paid a visit to the hair dressers. I have a lot of hair and it takes hours and hours of my time, so with my family work, I tend to myself at the bottom of the list. Not unusual for working woman with a young family!

But, I can assure you, if you neglect your hair for that amount of time, it will look Worzel Gummige circa 1982. A sort of a dragged through a hedge backwards chic, if there is such a thing.

Through my thebestof Sudbury business, I was approached by Cherelle Letter, owner of Penneys in North Street. I popped in to say hello and have a chat about her business. And take the opportunity for a bit of hair taming

Penneys (good name!) is one of six Penneys salons in the Eastern region, with plans to franchise further salons

There has been a Penneys salon in Sudbury for 3 years and now owner Cherelle is back from maternity, she is keen to focus her attention on growing and developing the salon in our town.

I had warned Cherelle that my hair could be a challenge, but she seemed unfazed. She is also a ambassador for KeraStraight and assured me that it would help replace the lost proteins and replenish my brittle mop.

Cherelle really knows her stuff. Her knowledge of the science of hair really impressed me. I’m not talking about ProV and cheesy science like that, but the biological make up of your hair, the effects of treatments and how to keep your locks as healthy as possible.

But in addition to than that, Cherelle talked to me about my lifestyle (it didn’t take her long to work out I spend zero time styling my hair and I need low maintenance) We talked about the shape of my face and what styles would suit it. (I have an oval face, which apparently suits most hairstyles, but for ease, I like longer hair, so I can tie it up) A quick Google of images of those with the style I was looking for (called a lob!) and would suit my face shape and we were ready to go.

A really nice touch, is after Cherelle’s finished, she'll set up your smart phone and record a short video, explaining exactly what she's done, the products used, how to blow dry your hair and what brush to use, so I can refer to it at a later date. The salon's philosophy is that they only look after your hairstyle 2% of the time. You do the work the other 98%. Penneys want to coach you so you achieve the desired style even after you've left the salon. You can take a look at my video here

If you'd like to find out more, just pop into the salon on North Street, next to Stag & Doe. Cherelle is happy to chat about the options available and how to make your swishy and fabulous.

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