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On 4th July, our friends across the pond, celebrate Independence Day. There may be many that don't realise one of their nation's early settlers, originated from Edwardstone just a few miles from Sudbury
Students at a school named after one of the country’s famous artists have begun benefitting from an exclusive gallery space in the heart of their building.
Ever thought about the world of stamps and stamp collection? The small piece of paper that allows the delivery of physical items all around the world! Read our quick and easy to follow introduction to the world of stamp collecting.
Between 1914 and 1918, from the Suffolk village of Hartest, which lies eight miles from Sudbury, a group of men went to war. Ordinary men, butchers, farmers and carpenters went to serve their country.
Performing arts, comedy, music and guided tours are just some of the events happening in Cambridge this weekend.
There's always something going on in Cambridge, and this weekend is no different.
Find out what's going on in and around Cambridge this coming weekend!
Not so long ago, university seemed far more affordable for those wanting to go. However, due to the recent fee increases, the fear of having a large debt hanging over such young heads is making many think twice about going to university at all.
Market Place are to bring their award winning Continental Market to St Neots this July.
This day out has a bit of everything from countryside walks, riverside area, cafe, sculptures and famous pieces of art. There is something to do both on rainy days and sunny days, and both for the kids and for the grown-ups.
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