Tips for a healthy Christmas and New Year
11th December 2015
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My tips for a healthy festive period

Falling ill this time of the year can be difficult to avoid, especially with all the very mild weather we are experiencing at the moment (Do you remember all the snow we had back in December 2012!).  With this in mind, I have listed some tips of my own to help you avoid feeling glum over the one period of the year you really don't want to!

Now, I am no professional medical practitioner, these are just my tips and suggestions on how to help stay healthy.  I would always consult a medical expert for any specialist advice on the subject, but before doing so please use a little thought and don't just contact them if you have a little cold.  It is an extremely busy period for GP's and they have a lot of really sick people to deal with.

OK, onto my tips...

  • Carry a small bottle of antibacterial hand gel with you.  They are great for cleaning your hands when out in public places, which are a minefield of nasties this time of year!
  • Wrap up warm when outside.  You can never be too carfeful this time of year and although it might look sunny out, it's probably colder than it looks.  Keep that cold air from travelling down the neck and chest.
  • Exercise regularly - even if it's just going for a walk, which is one of the most healthiest of exercises I understand.  Swimming is also a very good all round form of exercise and keeps impact from joints to a minimum!
  • When exercising, try to incorporate some resistance training, which helps to keep the muscles stronger for longer!  A benefit when getting older!
  • Balance exercise with rest and a good nights sleep!  Sleeping allows your body to recover so make sure you have a good one!
  • Stay hydrated.  Always a good thing to do and I believe another way to keep colds at bay.
  • Watch the level of food and drink.  Of course it's party season and I am not saying not to have a good time, but just try not to do it too often and make sure you get plenty of rest inbetween.
  • Eat a balanced diet.  I studied a fitness and nutrition course a few years ago and was told diet makes up around 80% of a person's health, while around 20% is down to exercise.  This being true, then diet is extremley important when it comes to fending off colds over this period.

Now there may very well be a lot more tips to suggest and if any crop up I will add them to the list.  If you have any personal suggestions, please leave a comment and share your wisdom.

Remember to enjoy yourself over the festive period, afterall, you are what you eat and do so have fun doing it!  Just remember also, what goes in is what comes out the other end (and I don't just mean down the toilet!)


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