Celebrate the end of the the summer holidays with a well deserved pamper session at Haverhill's finest salons
27th August 2015
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The countdown is on, back to school time can be counted in days not weeks and that background noise you hear is the collective sigh of relief of a thousand frazzled parents.

All the day trips, park visits, holiday clubs, cooking and cutting and sticking sessions have been wrung dry of any entertainment value.  The week in the sun is but a distant memory, all pretence of trying to maintain an orderly house was abandoned weeks ago and your sole aim now is not to win the race, just to make it to the finish line adorned with its grey skirts and trousers, Minion lunch boxes and freshly labelled PE Kits.

And what plans we have for all that free time the new term has in store for us (let’s just pretend the PTA, parents’ evenings, morning panics and impending Nativity costume making don’t exist for now).

Hopefully we’ll be blessed with an Indian summer, one that allows us to share long lazy lunches in a country beer garden with friends.  Obviously we’ll be going straight back to the gym… well, joining the gym and going regularly, that’s definite.  

Then there are the leisurely shopping trips, browsing the boutiques and fancy homeware stores without a tantrum to be had or a breakage to be paid for.

And of course you get to reclaim possession of the TV.  Whether it’s a guilty peek at  Jeremy Kyle followed by a catch up with Holly and Phil, or a full on series of Breaking Bad… it won’t be Frozen.  It. Wont. Ever. Be. Frozen. Again.

And finally, you can cook up a storm, prepare a gourmet meal for you and your other half, stock up the freezer with healthy meals for the kids with not a fish finger or chicken nugget in sight.  You could even rustle up some of those tuille biscuits you saw on Bake Off.

And one, two, three… you’re back in the room!  

Ok, these are just pipe dreams.  The reality is by the time you’ve returned the house to a condition that won’t be condemned by Health and Safety, put everything back in its rightful place (why IS there a paddling pool in the bedroom?) not to mention the washing, drying and ironing of the laundry equivalent of Everest you’re likely to look up and see half term staring at you.

However, you DO deserve some me time, and if the Stepford wife in you feels guilty at the mere thought of such selfishness, remember a happy house depends entirely on mum's mood.  So you’re doing it for them really! 

Pamper yourself

Haverhill’s award winning beauty salon Arevolution is a haven of peace and tranquillity. Exactly what is needed to soothe those frazzled nerves and find the you who was last seen sometime in July.

There’s a treatment for every part of you!  Facials, brows, lashes, manicures and pedicures will glam you up no end.  Have them all!  For a truly indulgent treat choose from a variety of body treatments including a relaxing massage or the Island Wrap, Coconut Creme Body Glow or the Grand Paradise Experience.

And if they set you longing to be back on that all too brief sunshine break, you can revive your golden glow with the Moroccan Tan, the original Argan oil spray tan.  

What’s more if you’re very quick you can still take advantage of the Buy One Get One Free deal listed on our Offers page. This fantastic offer is only available until the end of August but don't worry – there will be another great money-saving deal from Arevolution listed on thebestof Haverhill in September.

Top it off

Talking of that week in the sun, my crowning glory is currently the biggest reminder, and not in a good way.  The sun didn’t really do the colour any favours and if shredded wheat were a look I’d be right up there with Britain’s Next Top Model. 

However, ‘tis not the case, so a trip to Avant Garde Hair Salon in Haverhill is not so much a pamper as an essential.  It is a real treat though, simply because putting my hair in the hands of Westley and his team is quite possibly one of the most relaxing, rewarding experiences ever.  And the results are always stunning.

And again, if you head quickly to our Offers page you can get 20% Off with Staci at Avant Garde.  All new clients will get the introductory offer of 20% OFF a luxury shampoo, conditioning treatment, cut, blow dry and finish, while stocks last. 

So leave the housework a while longer! After all, you’ve managed in a bomb site for weeks now, so what’s a couple of extra days?

Please click here to see all of our latest money saving offers. 

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