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Elevator Pitches  - How to make yours Memorable
Elevator Pitches - How to make yours Memorable
Imagine for a moment you are in an elevator with somebody you have been trying to get in front of for a year. They turn to you and ask ‘What do you do?”. You have 20 seconds to make an impact!! That is... View post
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Jacky Ling, founder of Business Growth Landscaper explains how selling has evolved for the micro business owner
The Great Business Breakout returns for 2020.. Here Jacky & Rebecca review last year's events and look forward to what this year's Breakout has to offer
By now, the Christmas Decs will be packed away, you'll be into the full swing of work and back to your regular routine. But how are those new year’s resolutions coming along? Still going strong? Still thinking about it or have you knocked them on the head and you're back on the sofa scoffing chocolate?
If you're looking for a new challenge in 2020, The Crown at Hartest are hiring a new supervisor
Get the latest tax and news from Moore Green Chartered Accountants in Sudbury, Suffolk
With over 60 Sudbury town centre businesses taking part in this year's Sudbury Christmas Window Display Competition and over 870 people voting, this year's festivities was an overwhelming success.
TGS achieves Suffolk first with prestigious heritage award
It's that time of year where you get to don the glad wrags and head out to celebrate the festive season with friends, family and work colleagues. So, what's going on when and when?
It's time to get your festive hat on, play your favourite Christmas Album and get ready for the 2019 Christmas Window Competition in Sudbury
Christmas is a time for family. It's especially hard when you've lost someone special. This year Sudbury Town Council & St Nicholas Hospice Care are inviting people to remember someone special by acquiring a memory decoration
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