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Parkinson’s Awareness Week is the annual opportunity for people across the United Kingdom, and more locally, to raise awareness of this condition and its affects, treatments and developments through research, amongst the National community.
Stress Awareness Month has been held each year since its inception in 1992. It will begin on April 1st and continue up to April 30th. During this annual thirty-day period, health care professionals and health promotion experts across the country will join forces to increase public awareness about the causes, treatments and cures for our modern-day stress epidemic.Stress is one of the invisible conditions that affects people of all ages, all stations of society, all communities and is the cause of major distress amongst sufferers, their loved ones and colleagues.
National Charity Bowel Cancer UK is the driving force behind this National Awareness Campaign raising public awareness of the disease and what can be done to mitigate its effects and support the ongoing research into its diagnosis and treatment.
Three local companies are spearheading this annual event to raise awareness of the health benefits, and comfort, to be gained by buying a new bed, they are Calvert’s Furniture, Bedrock Furniture and Laurie’s Furniture.
Most people have a generalised idea of what eating disorders are but in real terms our awareness of the circumstances underlying eating disorders is often sketchy or based on misunderstandings. Eating Disorders Awareness Week is an International initiative the purpose of which is to increase public awareness of Eating Disorders and generate action to help those who are suffering with this life changing illness.
Fairtrade Fortnight continues until the 10th March 2019, during two weeks each year thousands of individuals, companies and groups of people across the Country join together to celebrate and show support for the growers of much of our food. Food is often produced in the poorest Countries across the World and the people who grow it are often exploited and poorly paid,amongst the crops that are grown is chocolate from the cocoa bean, a luxury food taken for granted by for most of us.
Bedrock Furniture, our local Independent Furniture Specialist,moved premises last March and is now well established in its fabulous new showroom. The Family run business has become a prominent feature of the Taunton and Bridgwater business community since it was established 2001 and is now housed its new premises at 93 - 97 Bath Road, Bridgewater. Full contact and sat nav info can be located at:
Fact, two women lose their lives to Cervical Cancer each day, Fact, nine women are diagnosed with Cervical Cancer every day, Fact,75% of Cervical Cancers can be prevented by Cervical Screening i.e. smear tests.
Because obesity is associated with so many life-threatening health conditions it is highly appropriate that concerted action is taken to help people become more aware of the potential risk to their health and well being of being overweight.
Having enjoyed the Christmas and New Year’s parties with fabulous food and festive fizz the time has come to get back to normal and maybe go the extra mile by taking January out and forsaking alcohol. The human body is a fantastic collection of organs that keep us ticking over throughout our lives, however, over-concentration of alcohol can bring about a number of health conditions that are best avoided.
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