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R & D Time with Darren Hobbs, Owner and operator at R & D Motors Today Darren is telling us how to save money, drive better and increase your fuel efficiency by one simple service.
Local transport company in Chard awarded with industry-recognised accreditation
When the British Summer weather makes you feel as though Summer hasn’t even happened at all and you’ve gone straight from Spring to Autumn, this is the time to book your paradise getaway! If you’ve been working for too long and need a break or desperately need to soak up some sun rays before Winter arrives, Dave Criddle Travel can help find you the perfect holiday.
Purchasing a used car!
Purchasing a used car!
Are you looking to a buy a new car? Have you ever considered buying a second hand or a "used car"?
Are you in need of a MOT in Taunton? Here is what to look out for...
When purchased new, a car’s value depreciates immediately. Because of this, many of us opt to buy a used car, as a way to get more for our money and for many, it is what they can afford. If you’re going along to your local used car dealer, such as A and M Car Sales in Taunton, they will have completed a number of checks on the cars to ensure their quality and safety before the sale.
A second hand car dealership will ensure that the car is serviced before you take it off the forecourt but it’s crucial that you keep up with the servicing of it yearly.
If you’re in need of a new car but don’t necessarily want to go to the expense of having a new one, why not visit a local second hand car dealership.
Is your car nearing the end of its life, have you had a change in circumstance which is necessitating a new car or have you simply decided that a change is in order? If that’s the case but can’t quite bring yourself to buy a brand new vehicle and are unsure about going to a second hand car dealership, then this might help you.
Taunton braces itself for Snow
Taunton braces itself for Snow
Taunton and the surrounding areas prepare for the possibility of significant snowfall for the next 36 hours
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