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Fans of real bread will be delighted, and our local bakeries will too, but what is real bread? The Real Bread Campaign was established in 2008 and continues this year, the organisers believe that there are only four ingredients in real bread flour, water, yeast and salt other ingredients may be added, sesame seeds, poppy seeds etc so long as they are natural.
Stock up on charcoal, check the gas bottle, visit your local high street butcher, buy in the burgers and specially prepared (often pre-marinated) BBQ specials. Most good butchers will have BBQ offers on right now! Half term is almost upon us so family and friends can gather for fun feast.
English Wine Week 2019 is the National Campaign that is designed to raise awareness of the growing domestic wine producing vineyards and wine entrepreneurs who are producing splendid wines across the Country. In celebration of English Wine Week there will be many activities involving wine retailers, outlets and the vineyards themselves.
The Children’s Trust is a registered Charity for Children with Brain Injury and National Doughnut Week is the annual opportunity to come together and raise money for this outstanding cause.
5th March is Pancake Day,
5th March is Pancake Day,
Pancake Day falls on Tuesday 5th March 2019, also known as Shrove Tuesday, so it’s time to head for yourLocal High Street and buy ingredients ready for the big day!
UK Sausage Week commences on Monday 29th October and runs until November 4th, 2018.Once again, the meat industry will be promoting the Great British Sausage to raise awareness amongst the public of the age-old British institution the Banger! Many of us have enjoyed sausages throughout our lives, the Great British workforce has long been sustained by sausage sandwiches, and sausage and mash is still a meal in itself.
This Chocoholics delight begins on 15th October and ends on 21st October 2018 and is an awareness week bringing the many tastes and varieties of chocolate to greater public Awareness.
Popular West Country restaurant chain HUBBOX, is set to launch its seventh site on Taunton’s North Street in October 2018.
Let someone else take the heat out of cooking this weekend!
New catering facility at the County Ground in Taunton
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