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Britain is blessed with a fabulous coastline and we have our fair share of it here on our doorsteps. It has become apparent, thanks to massive publicity in the media, that areas of the country, especially the coastal areas have become polluted and in some cases almost unfit for human use, debris from ships, debris from beach visitors not taking their rubbish home with them plus all of the flotsam and jetsam thrown up from goodness knows where by the sea. Plus, plastic micro particles are entering the food chain leaving all of us at risk. What can we do to prevent this detritus from accumulating and causing growing health risks?
Tickets are now available for our highly anticipated Auction Dinner.
Keen knitters from Taunton are this month (March, 2014) invited to join in with a regular knitting club taking place at a garden centre in the town.
Keep calm and  carry on knitting
Keep calm and carry on knitting
Knitting fanatics from Taunton are next month (January, 2013) invited to join in with a club dedicated to the past time at a garden centre in the town.
A Taunton garden centre looks set to pilot a scheme to hit the road from this month (April, 2013) onwards and is asking villages to put their names forward to apply for a visit.
Orchid experts will be giving free advice on one of the most popular Mothering Sunday gifts next month at Monkton Elm Garden Centre in Taunton
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