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If you ever considered losing weight & have failed ,then get Jenny Curtis from Slimming World a Ring!
Walk is School Week takes place between the 20th and 25th May. Thousands of schools will be taking part across the Country to promote the many benefits of walking. The initiative aims to help more school pupils to get active, thereby reducing pollution along with the many positive health benefits associated with walking.
National Smile Month is a splendid campaign designed to raise awareness of the benefits of good oral hygiene. A Large number of individuals and organisations will be setting up events to spread the message of the need to pay attention to oral hygiene to maintain a healthy smile, the message is important to all generations but especially so for children and young people, a nice healthy smile tells people a good deal about you and makes one look more attractive whatever your age.
The Children’s Trust is a registered Charity for Children with Brain Injury and National Doughnut Week is the annual opportunity to come together and raise money for this outstanding cause.
The much talked about MTD went live on 1 April 2019. In case you have been living in a bubble and don’t know what MTD stands for, it’s Making Tax Digital. This is an HMRC initiative to digitalise record keeping and mandate the submission of information to them through digitally enabled software/links. Initially this affects the submission of VAT returns.
The purpose of Sun Awareness Week is to make everyone aware of the risk of dangerous levels of exposure to the Sun and how to reduce the possible damage caused by taking simple precautions.
It’s time to give your walking boots a Spring Clean and join in the fun. People may not realise that May is the National Walking Month allowing folks to take advantage of fine days, we hope, and longer hours of daylight in which to get out and about. The benefits of walking are many-fold, physical, mental wellbeing and for many a spiritual lift by visiting outstanding places of natural beauty both locally and throughout our green and pleasant land.
National Gardening Week is the Country’s largest Celebration of all things gardening, for those of us with ‘green fingers’ this is an opportunity to join in the fun, for those who aspire to becoming a gardener it is a vast opportunity to witness what gardening has to offer.
National Stop Snoring Week is the annual event promoting general awareness that no one needs to suffer the affects of snoring and that treatment is available. The British Snoring & Sleep Apnoea Association was formed in 1991 to help snorers and their bed partners to end the nights of disturbed and lost sleep, to end the emotional impact and strains that often develop and to help them return again to peaceful nights together.
So you've started your business, the website has been launched and you are so excited for all of your new customers to see it. However, time goes by as does the tumbleweed, crickets are chirping in the background and you're sat there feeling disheartened and discouraged wondering why you aren't getting the traffic and reach that you want and deserve.
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