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UK Sausage Week commences on Monday 29th October and runs until November 4th, 2018.Once again, the meat industry will be promoting the Great British Sausage to raise awareness amongst the public of the age-old British institution the Banger! Many of us have enjoyed sausages throughout our lives, the Great British workforce has long been sustained by sausage sandwiches, and sausage and mash is still a meal in itself.
Halloween has a more serious meaning being All Hallows Eve, All Saints Eve or Hallowe’en, and is followed by All Souls Day in the Church Calendar.Members of the community will be attending special Church Services to honour the departed and The Saints. This is a significant moment in the Church calendar.
November 5th falls on a Monday this year, so in all probability we shall have two Bonfire weekends, which is great as we can party twice over!
National Curry Week has been running for 20 years and involves curry restaurants, caterers and curry lovers across the UK celebrating and raising awareness of the dish with diners and introducing those who have not tried the spices of the East to try them. National Curry Week supports Curry for Change which is a charity giving to provide for starving people in rural communities in Asia and Africa.Kingfisher Beer is the lead sponsor of National Curry Week.
More than one million people in Britain may be suffering from constant, crippling headaches because they are taking too many painkillers, experts say. The pills people take to relieve headaches and migraines may be making things much worse, according to the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) in guidance to the health service for England and Wales. As many as one in 50 people suffer continual headaches because of “medication overuse”, NICE reports. The problem begins with taking the odd painkiller for tension headaches or migraines, which usually works. But some people take the pills more and more often, until they are on tablets for more than half the days in a month. NICE says that if this goes on for more than three months the medication ends up causing the problem it is intended to cure.
The use of attractive tiles to transform ones living space is well known, and the available choice of truly beautiful tiles is greater than ever due to outstanding designers and skilled manufacturing. For people who wish to enhance the appearance of their property out of love for their home, or for those with an eye on the possible resale value, the investment will repay them many times over.
This Chocoholics delight begins on 15th October and ends on 21st October 2018 and is an awareness week bringing the many tastes and varieties of chocolate to greater public Awareness.
Popular West Country restaurant chain HUBBOX, is set to launch its seventh site on Taunton’s North Street in October 2018.
Google is constantly updating its algorithm,how does this affect Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)? To answer this, we need to understand Google algorithm and why it's updated so often, wonder what the heck is SEO?
Ellard Security are Making Homes Safer A man’s, or woman’s, home is a castle but sadly, there are too many people who don’t respect one’s home and simply see it as a target from which to steal and cause harm.
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