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GDPR is the EU General Data Protection Regulation which comes into effect from 25th May 2018. It means that if your business uses email marketing, sends direct mail or makes sales calls. The law is changing what you can & can’t do. This even includes tracking tools such as Google Analytics! The new law states that (among other things) if someone has given consent for you to collect data (newsletter sign ups, contact forms etc) you need to record when they gave you permission and you need to log exactly what they were shown when they opted in.
Smartphones have changed everything. The way we tell the time, the way we interact with our friends and families, and especially the way we browse the internet. And with two-thirds of the population of the UK owning smartphones in 2017, it should come as no surprise that a lot of them use their phones for browsing the web. This kind of percentage requires Responsive Design. A responsive web design, or a responsive website, in it’s simplest form, is a website that responds to the screen size you’re using. Meaning you can easily view it on your phone, your tablet, your laptop and your desktop. So, why does your site need to be responsive? Here are 5 reasons.
Wyvern Blinds and Track Centre is situated in Taunton. The Company is a long-established family run business with a reputation for top quality products and delivering outstanding customer service since the 1960’s. They only use the highest quality products that are priced competitively with or without a professional fitting service.
Question I have a small team and have heard that the hourly rates I have to pay my staff are due to go up in April 2018 – could you please tell me by how much?
Bedrock Furniture a Local Independent Specialist Furniture Retailer is about to move premises in Bridgwater. Bedrock Furniture is a small family run business that has been delivering excellent service and fine products at very competitive prices since 2001.
Winter and Early Spring Breaks Can Bring Sunshine into Your Life with Dave Criddle Travel, As we move into late Winter with the onset of Spring just a few weeks away this is a good time for a change of scene and some sunshine to set us up for the rest of the year.
Ellard Security are Making Homes Safer A man’s, or woman’s, home is a castle but sadly, there are too many people who don’t respect one’s home and simply see it as a target from which to steal and cause harm.
Bluebird Care is one of the Country’s leading Care Providers looking after people in their own homes and live-in care providers. Bluebird Care delivers the services that local people want, in the way that they want, in the comfort of their own homes.
Commando Cleaning
Commando Cleaning
Cleaning can become very monotonous, especially if you are always cleaning up after your children or pets. Let Commando Cleaning help and you can guarentee the most perfect finish.
Described by one fan on Trip Advisor, Tiffins is ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ and we totally agree.
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