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The Taunton Visitors Centre in Fore Street is a very useful place for visitors to head for, with a vast array of materials based on local attractions for young and not so young and in just about every genre that one could wish for. The Best of Taunton and Bridgwater offer some ideas that may help.
If one needs an excuse here is one on a plate! Afternoon Tea Week is a celebration of one of the British love affair with a cup of tea and the tradition of Afternoon Tea. However, you enjoy your afternoon tea this is a splendid opportunity to splash out and enjoy yourselves.
International Cat Day is a celebration of our feline friends that is celebrated on 8th August every year. The celebratory day was created in 2002 by the International Fund for Animal welfare.
At last the weather is fine, with the sun shining brightly and most folks are wanting to get outdoors and enjoy the nice weather whilst they can. Plus, with the School holidays upon us families are encouraged to eat outside making use of the garden, decking or patio. With ever hungry youngsters needing to be fed BBQ’s are very popular and so much better than cooking – or eating - in a stuffy house, and a bonus is that very often it is the Dads who take on BBQ cooking duties giving Mum's a well-earned rest.
27th July to 2nd September 2018 is National Fishing Month,bringing greater public awareness to the community about one of the most popular participation Sports in the UK. Not only is fishing very popular in Britain, and across the world,with vast numbers of anglers throughout this Country heading for riversides, ponds and any other stretch of open water at every opportunity but fishing is also one of the oldest pursuits known to man.
Yummy Mummy Hair & Beauty
Yummy Mummy Hair & Beauty
Calling all Yummy Mummy's who are in need of some quality pampering during the Summer holidays but who have children to look after. Yummy Mummy Hair and Beauty is designed for you to relax whilst your little ones are entertained with a play area.
A successful restructure in place and the world for Taunton-based Prochem Europe distributor Cleaning Solutions UK is becoming its oyster with sales chalked up recently as far afield as Jersey and Ireland. The West Country is a strong sales catchment but bosses Richard Williams and Darren Pollard look for growth and have been speculating to accumulate.The support from Will Pettitt has proven to be a great asset
One of the pleasuresof high Summer is the opportunity for people to take a look at the Farming Scene up close once a year. Too many of us don't visit the Country around our towns and cities, and we take the source of our food for granted – it is presented in the shops as an end product leaving many with a disconnect with reality. Agricultural shows are for Farming folks for sure, but they are very much for the Community as well with much to experience including farming machinery that will boggle the mind, livestock judging and horse events to delight the crowd, plus many food venues, sheepdogs trails,and many interesting displays. The South West has many to look forward to,
Summer 2018 is looking good, high skies, warm weather and mostly dry and with the youngsters breaking up in a couple of weeks for the Summer Holidays there are some tasty festivals at venues around Somerset and Devon. We offer a sample for your interest.
Does the speed of my website really have that much impact? Is there any way I can test my website speed? How can I make my website load faster? These are questions we get all the time and in this article we’ll explore these common questions and some easy solutions to help…
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