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Talking 'Dirty' with Darren. Lets get the low down on dirty cars.
In our current heatwave I’m giving you five quick tips to check or do before you set off in the car to save you getting caught out.
With all the news of the DVSA website crashing when tests were able to be booked again, I wanted to let everyone know that I can book my pupils test and due to Instructors having a dedicated service, all my pupils have got a test booked, usually within a few minutes of me logging on.
So, you’ve celebrated your seventeenth birthday and some of your friends have already passed their tests – it’s time to learn to drive!
A second hand car dealership will ensure that the car is serviced before you take it off the forecourt but it’s crucial that you keep up with the servicing of it yearly.
If you’re in need of a new car but don’t necessarily want to go to the expense of having a new one, why not visit a local second hand car dealership.
Buying a car is a major investment and is invariably the second most expensive thing a person will purchase after their house.
Is your car nearing the end of its life, have you had a change in circumstance which is necessitating a new car or have you simply decided that a change is in order? If that’s the case but can’t quite bring yourself to buy a brand new vehicle and are unsure about going to a second hand car dealership, then this might help you.
Taunton braces itself for Snow
Taunton braces itself for Snow
Taunton and the surrounding areas prepare for the possibility of significant snowfall for the next 36 hours
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