Fairtrade Fortnight Start on Tuesday Feb 25th
27th January 2019
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Because people realised that poor people were barely making a living to produce the food in our refrigerators, especially produce that we call luxury foodstuffs, whilst they were living in poverty the Fairtrade movement was created to redress the balance.

A West Africa cocoa farmer needs to earn £1.82 each day to make enough money to live. Presently the daily income is less than .73p per day which is why most of them live in poverty – so that we can eat chocolate. The Companies that turn the raw material into our consumer ready chocolate bars make massive profits, recognising the unfairness of the situation is one thing, doing something about it is what Fairtrade is all about.

The situation is more dire for women workers as they have to eke out a living by working whilst caring for children and holding a family together.

For these reasons Fairtrade is campaigning for a living income from the produce, chocolate, tea, and other provisions in West Africa and elsewhere where similar exploitation exists.By working together, by buying Fairtrade produce then all parties concerned can make policies to help reduce poverty.

There are several ways in which local people can support Fairtrade.

Go to  http://www.fairtrade.org.uk/en/get-involved/current-campaigns/Fairtrade-Fortnight

Sign the petition. Fairtrade is calling on the Government to ask that trade with developing countries puts the reduction of poverty has priority. The petition opens on 25th Feb, so let’s do our bit to get it off to a flying start.

Host an event. Join with friends and family to raise awareness of the issues affecting cocoa farmers. See the web site above for details. Why not ask for a donation of £1.82 from those attending, this being the daily amount a person needs to survive in West Africa.



Fundraise for Fairtrade, this is a charity relying on donations to allow it to make a difference.

Use Social Media to get the message out.Follow Fairtrade on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Join the Facebook event.

Always choose Fairtrade chocolate, and other produce, when shopping, look for the logo.

Shopping for St Valentines gifts or for Mother’s Day, buy Fairtrade and help make a difference.

Sign up to email, and help making Fairtrade Fortnight a Major success!

The Best of Taunton and Bridgwater supports Fairtrade Fortnight.

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