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28th July 2014
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I'm not what you would call an artistic person. I'd love to beable to sew dresses and paint pictures, but alas, it's not where the strengths lie. Or so I thought..

I'm really proud to be working with Justine Paul's Suffolk Market events. Her farmers markets have been transformed into vibrant, bustling events, supporting those producers that work locally within our lovely rural area.

Earlier this year, Suffolk Market Events diversified into hosting unique and exciting workshops. The first kicked off with a spice masterclass, with Mena from the Indian Banquet Mena was a knowledgeable and entertaining person to listen to & learn from. I had a great morning.

The second workshop  ran this Saturday, again upstairs at Lavenham village Hall. This time it was craft taster morning, spent in the company of  Lynne Rothery, Country Life's Table Talent Winner, victoria beech, Queen of all things Yarn, from Cafe Knit and talented artist Emma Daniels who specialises in Paper Cutting (It's way more difficult that it looks)

3 groups of 7 of us,spent an hour or so, under the watchful eye of each of our experts before moving on to another table to try out hand at the next craft

I really enjoyed learning to crochet. I'll certainly be trying that again. Free embroidary sewing was great fun - I let Lynne do my sewing machining for me (I had visions of that sharp, large pointy needle stabbing my fingers and having to spend the rest of the weekend in A&E!) Paper-cutting, I'll be honest, I found difficult. As I mentioned, I'm not particularly artistic. I just don't have an eye for such things. But the creations my fellow crafters were producing, were beautiful.

Finally, I should mention the cake. There were cakes to taste and they were delicious. Do you know what a Blondie is? I thought she was a punk inspired American singer of the late '80s, but apparently not. It's a brownie made  with white chocolate. Try one if you get the opportunity

The next Upstairs @ The Market Event will be held at Lavenham village Hall on 28th September and will be learning about Jam and Conserve making, with Sudbury Market regular, Libby Laurence. I wouldn't leave it too late to book tickets for this, because space will be limited and as the reviews of the Upstairs @ The Market show, they're really good fun!

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