Roofers in Hastings Can Resolve Common Roofing Problems
29th November 2020
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Your roof protects you, your home and possessions from the elements but because of its location, it is extremely hard to see any wear and tear.

Sadly, over time, even the best roofs will begin to deteriorate.

Roofing problems can be costly, here are some common roofing problems that can lead to lead to serious problems if not identified and fixed early.

  • Broken or Slipped Tiles or Slates – caused by the weather or a failed tile. Thankfully, it can be resolved easily.
  • Blocked Valleys or Damaged Lead – a blocked valley can be addressed by clearing debris, but damaged lead is a more serious problem.  Cracked lead work will need to be replaced.
  • Damaged or Slipped Ridge Tiles – need to be removed, cleared of mortar and reinstalled with new mortar.
  • Moss – roof moss can block gutters and other drainage systems and should be removed.
  • Loose or Broken Guttering – leaking joints can be resealed easily but a broken down pipe will need replacing.
  • Faulty Installation – incorrect tile placement, nails put in the wrong place, incorrectly installed guttering can all cause leaks and other problems.
  • Damage from Trees – overhanging trees can be a big problem as branches can rub on your roof tiles and wear away the top layer.
  • Pooling water – if your roof isn’t transporting water away, it will increase the load that your roof has to bear. 
  • Membrane Shrinkage = the roof membrane acts as a barrier against extreme temperature and UV light, whilst also helping to resist puncture damage.  This protective membrane can shrink when over exposed to UV light, which leads to cracks, blisters, and ridges in your roof tiles. 

If you have spotted a leak or damp patch and are questioning whether your roof requires maintenance or repair, contact an experienced Roofer in Hastings who will have a good look before providing a quotation.

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