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As we near the end of 2018, we start to look ahead at what the next year might hold. When it comes to the world’s largest social network, Facebook is constantly evolving and introducing new features so keeping up to speed with what’s happening can be a minefield.
Incorporating live video in your social media strategy is key to making it more successful.
The 2017-18 tax return deadline for taxpayers who continue to submit paper Self-Assessment returns, is 31 October 2018
Everyone makes mistakes. As a business owner when you see that negative review pop up on your website or social media your heart will most likely sink and it can send you into a state of panic.
Relax! The solution is at hand from Kings Stationers.
As an introduction to Knight Accountants, I thought I’d share with you the story of how we started out in business.
The social media wave is too big to ignore these days, and as a small business, you can either learn to ride it or risk being swept away by the competition. It could even affect how your potential audience views your business – if you have no social media presence, is your business the real deal?
Why outsourcing is the way to go for your business.
Shopper Anonymous Sussex has created a ‘Spring Clean Your Business’ initiative - and now's the time to be part of it.
Working closely with business leaders to develop their business more effectively.
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