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If your lawn needs care or expert help, then TruGreen Guernsey are the local grass specialists to call. TruGreen Guernsey are a local business specialising entirely in the care and treatment of lawns. TruGreen Guernsey can help you achieve a greener, healthier lawn and even rejuvenate lawns that would normally have to be re-turfed by homeowners.


Call TruGreen for your FREE, no obligation, 14-point lawn analysis to evaluate your lawns health. From this analysis, a bespoke lawn care programme is created to keep your lawn looking vibrant and healthy, enabling you make the most of your garden in all seasons.

To improve your lawn, contact TruGreen Guernsey by e-mail or phone Natalie on 07781 118011.

TruGreen Services Available

FREE 14 Point Lawn Analysis

The starting point for a greener, healthier lawn is to have a TruGreen lawn care specialist evaluate your lawn and give you a free in-depth 14-Point Lawn Analysis. From the analysis a bespoke treatment plan can be developed to reflect the seasons and any presenting problems. 

Weed Control

Unfortunately, even the best-kept lawns are susceptible to weeds. There are hundreds of different weeds, which will need to be kept in check with various professional strength weed killers. Get a weed free lawn with TruGreen.


Grass plants need on-going nutrition and absorb their nutrients through their root system. Therefore, fertilisation creates a soil rich in nutrients, essential for a healthy lawn. Get a vibrant green lawn with TruGreen.


Scarification is a mechanical operation which helps to remove all unwanted organic matter from around the base of the grass plant (thatch) and tidy up any straggly lateral growth from your lawn. Get a strong healthy grass plant with TruGreen.


Modern living means that lawns become compacted easily and benefit from aerating. Aeration involves piercing the lawn to allow water, oxygen, fertilisers, and nutrients to reach the soil and grassroots. Get a thick and healthy lawn with TruGreen.

Moss Control

Moss is something that every lawn suffers from at one time or another. Unless treated and removed, moss will continue to choke out the grass plants. Grow grass and not moss with TruGreen.


TruGreen Guernsey can turn the worst lawn into the perfect picture. By investing in our turf seeding service, we can transform a lawn that you may well believe is beyond repair into a beautiful lawn. Have a full and uniform lawn with TruGreen.

Fungus & Disease Control

Development of most diseases is usually dependent upon weather conditions. Most diseases will have certain characteristics such as discolouration of the grasses, brown dry patches or signs of fungi. Fight off disease with TruGreen.

Pest Control

Some garden pests eat the roots of your grass.  Manage all your unwanted pests, such as leather jackets and chafer grubs with TruGreen.

Wildflowers for Birds & Bees

Ever wondered what you can do with the areas of the garden that are underused or become overgrown. TruGreen Guernsey can introduce a flora mixture into an area of the garden, or a large decorative display of colour, that also benefits the bees and birds.

Additional TruGreen Services Available

Hard Surface Treatment

TruGreen Guernsey can also apply treatments to hard surfaces such as patios and driveways to remove mosses and algae, which can create an unsightly and slippery surface that is unsafe. Call TruGreen Guernsey now on 07781 11 80 11 or email if you want this treatment.


Flora Mixtures for Birds, Bees and a beautiful display

If there are parts of your garden that you do not know what to do with, TruGreen Guernsey can help by introducing a flower mixture.

Decorative flower mixtures have become very popular in the last few years, adding a splash of colour to a garden or an entire wildflower meadow. Many mixtures will last for a year or more, flowering from mid-June until mid-October, and may contain annuals, bi-annuals and perennials.

We will discuss your wishes, assess your garden and then we can suggest colourful plant varieties which we will specifically select for their robustness and aesthetic appearance. Also, which varieties specifically benefit bees and birds the most.

Such mixtures are not just pretty to look at but will also improve the health of your garden as a whole and provide environmental benefits by encouraging wildlife back and giving them a haven within it.  Birds will have plentiful seeds to feed on, hedgehogs and other small mammals will make use of the additional ground coverage and insects will be encouraged back into your garden, including the bees who will pollinate all of your plants.

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