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J.E.R. Electrical are electricians in Guernsey who offer electrical services to local home-owners and businesses. We provide good quality work with a high standard of finish, we have a friendly team with new ideas. Give us a call today.

J.E.R. Electrical Ltd. was founded in Guernsey by current owner Jer Norris in 2013 and is an expanding local business comprising over thirty years of combined electrician experience. Jer and his team take great pride in their work, to ensure that every job is completed to an extremely high standard.

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J.E.R. Electrical is willing and able to consider any electrical task that a client needs done, but there are certain services that they are called on to perform time and time again. These most commonly requested services are listed below, to give you an idea of the many ways in which J.E.R. Electrical could assist you:


  • LED Lighting

  • Garden Lighting

  • Electric Boilers

  • Storage Heaters

  • Electric Heaters

  • Heated Towel Rails

  • Under Floor Heating

  • Fire Alarms

  • Security Alarms

  • Emergency Lighting (design, installation, commissioning & maintenance)

Larger Projects:

  • New Builds

  • Extensions

  • Rewiring Older Buildings

LED Lighting

J.E.R. Electrical are at the forefront locally of the gradual move away from wasteful lightbulbs towards modern LED lighting. Old fashioned incandescent lightbulbs, in common used for more than a hundred years, pass electricity through a filament and heat it up until it glows to create light, so they emit 98% of their energy output as heat not light.

LED bulbs are many times more energy efficient because they pass electrical current through a semi-conductor designed to emit more light at a much lower wattage. Consequently LED bulbs require 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs, saving you money on your electricity bill, and they do not get anywhere near as hot to the touch as incandescent bulbs, making them safer too.

LED bulbs last much longer as well, between 10,000 and 50,000 hours of use (depending on manufacturer), when regular incandescent bulbs usually burn out after around 1,000 hours of use, so you will not have to replace LED bulbs very often.

Contact J.E.R. Electrical if you are interested in upgrading to LED bulbs.

Electric Boilers

J.E.R. Electrical specialises in fitting the very latest in electric boilers, such as the Fusion Comet, which are the way forward for home heating and feature the following benefits:

  • No flue required

  • No fumes

  • No risk of explosion

  • 100% efficient

  • Economic running costs

  • Almost silent in operation

  • Provides central heating

  • Can heat your water too

  • Can be used for under floor heating

  • No annual safety certificate required

  • 24 hour controllability

  • No maintenance required

  • Multiple fail-safes fitted in unit

  • LED indicators show status of operation

  • Preferential electricity tariffs available

J.E.R. Electrical have a close working relationship with AI Plumbing, who can handle the plumbing side of fitting an electric boiler. If you are interested in getting an electric boiler or would like further information then please contact J.E.R. Electrical Ltd.

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