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Chim Chiminee are Guernsey-based chimney sweeps who are also chimney builders and can carry out repairs, as well as supplying and installing a wide range of wood burners and other solid fuel stoves.

Chim Chiminee is a Guernsey based company, founded and run by Linda & Nick Batiste, that carries out all aspects of chimney, flue, stove and fireplace installation and maintenance - from supplying and fitting solid fuel stoves to chimney sweeping.

Bringing You Warmth, Saving You Money

Stove Supply

Chim Chiminee stock a wide variety of stoves, from traditional wood burners to the very latest in environmentally friendly high-tech stoves burning biofuels.

In addition to making your home feel cosier and providing an attractive focus to any room, wood burning and multi fuel stoves are proven to save you money on your heating bills. As electricity and gas prices continue to rise, year on year, it just makes sense to install a stove in your home.

Further savings can be made by fitting an Ecofan to a stove. An Ecofan uses heat from a stove to push warm air into the room. This improves the room-heating effectiveness so much that tests have shown you could save up to 18% on your heating bill by having a stove with an Ecofan.

Chim Chiminee can supply stoves from the following manufacturers and ranges: Town & Country; Vermont; ACR Firebox; ACR NEO; Wanders; Chilli Penguin; Salamander; Rais; Piazzetta; Harrie Leenders; Dunsley; Heta; Newbourne; Invicta; Pevex; Serenity; Keddy; Jydepejsen Alpha Range; Drooff; Arada & Stratford; Clearview; Fireline; Morso; and Carron Stoves & Fireplaces.

Stove Installation

Unlike many local stockists of fires and flues, Chim Chiminee also fit and maintain what they supply, being a one-stop shop for all chimney, flue and fireplace needs. Managing Director Nick Batiste is a fully qualified HETAS registered installer (Heating Equipment Testing Approved Scheme), so you can be confident of a professional service that meets health and safety standards.

Chim Chiminee also serve all of the Guernsey Bailiwick, having customers in Alderney, Herm and Sark too, so they welcome enquiries and interest from potential customers across the entire Bailiwick.

Note that Chim Chiminee are so busy in winter with emergency jobs that if you are interested in getting a new stove, or having maintenance done, then before the next winter is the best time to do so.

Stove & Chimney Maintenance

Chim Chiminee can carry out all aspects of stove and chimney maintenance. Managing Director Nick Batiste is a fully qualified NACS Sweep (National Association of Chimney Sweeps) and Chim Chiminee uses the latest technology to maintain and clean stoves, fireplaces and chimneys with the minimum of fuss and mess - this includes using CCTV to inspect chimney flues. Chim Chiminee staff even manage to save the occasional trapped bird in the course of chimney sweeping!

Regular chimney maintenance is vitally important for the safety of you and your family, as almost every case of carbon monoxide poisoning from a solid fuel burner is caused by a blocked or leaking chimney or poor maintenance. Any fuel that burns creates carbon monoxide, which is colourless, odourless and dangerous even at lower levels of exposure. The symptoms of low-level carbon monoxide poisoning can be mistaken for the common cold, flu or fatigue and can cause generalised depression.

If you suspect a carbon monoxide leak then immediately stop using the appliance and get the stove and chimney properly checked and maintained by experts like Chim Chiminee as soon as possible. Regular maintenance to prevent a leak is just common sense, to protect you and your family. For safety's sake you should also stop using a fireplace or stove 24 hours before a maintenance appointment to allow time to cool.

Sweeping Your Chimney Worries Away

Chimney Rebuilding, Repairs & Flue Liners

Chim Chiminee employ qualified builders that can rebuild and repair chimneys. They also supply and fit many types of chimney liners including Twinwall Insulated flue systems, CICO Cast in situ flue linings, flexible stainless steel liners and FuranFlex composite flue linings.

FuranFlex is the only non-destructive procedure, taking only a few hours to fit, with no need to demolish walls, so that your home remains undisturbed and clean. FuranFlex can line a chimney of any size and shape with a bespoke liner made from a composite glass-fibre resin as solid as steel. A FuranFlex liner has no joints and a completely smooth interior surface, it is flame and heat resistant, airtight and corrosion-proof, and guaranteed for 25 years. This makes FuranFlex perfect for both domestic and commercial condensing boiler flues, gas fires, oil heating flues and solid fuel chimney lining.

Fuel Supply

Chim Chiminee not only sell stoves, but can also supply the solid fuel for your stove or fireplace, including:

  • Kindling, grown in Guernsey or the UK, your choice

  • Wood, grown in Guernsey or the UK, your choice

  • Briquettes, made from virgin timber, compressed without additives

These solid fuels are available from Chim Chiminee's showroom from 9.00am until 3.00pm Monday to Friday, or from 10.00am until 1.00pm on Saturdays.

Accessory Supply

Chim Chiminee can also supply a range of accessories for your stove or fireplace, including:

  • Cowls

  • Wood Mantlepieces

  • Firewood baskets

  • Carbon Monoxide Alarms

  • Stovepipe Thermometer

  • Ecofans

  • Ryton’s Vents

  • Aspirator

  • Moisture Meter

  • Vitcas products

  • Slate oil

  • Black grate polish

  • Heat Resistant Spray Paints

For All Your Chimney & Home Fire Needs

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