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Bailiwick Botanicals is a leading international grower, producer and distributor of the highest quality cannabis-based products, and is headquartered and based in Guernsey.

A cannabis grower, producer and distributor based in Guernsey, Bailiwick Botanicals is a seed-to-sale company that aims to provide a wide range of cannabis and cannabidiol (CBD) based products to this rapidly expanding market sector.


Guernsey has a long and distinguished heritage in horticulture, but locally this industry has been in decline for some time. Bailiwick Botanicals aims to rejuvenate the local growing industry through its activities on Guernsey and by utilising regenerative farming methods, Bailiwick Botanicals is intending to re-energise the soil found in Guernsey’s greenhouses to create a truly sustainable growing environment. The hope is that this will eventually make Guernsey one of the leading cannabis producers in the world.

Bailiwick Botanicals currently have over twelve acres of greenhouses across a number of sites covering almost twenty acres of the island, which will be devoted to cannabis cultivation.

Bailiwick Botanicals utilises regenerative growing methods without the use of pesticides, herbicides, or synthetic nutrients. This ensures that the growth of the cannabis in Guernsey is beyond sustainable as it does not require the importation of artificial growing medium and incur the associated carbon footprint. The growing techniques used include a combination no till - living soil, companion planting, compost teas, biological controls and LED lighting, developed by Bailiwick Botanicals in-house cultivation team.


Bailiwick Botanicals have established a twenty thousand square foot central production facility in Guernsey with state of the art equipment from its subsidiary company, Oak & Crane, that is GMP compliant. This facility will use a tried and tested proprietary patented extraction process on the high quality dried cannabis biomass provided by the greenhouses to produce the best possible cannabis derived products that the market demands.

This high tech facility will handle the extraction, distillation, manufacture, and packaging for a broad range of end user products, for retail and wholesale distribution. The end-to-end production process will ensure consistent, high quality products with greater yields, with almost zero waste thereby ensuring that the impact of the company’s operations on the environment is kept to an absolute minimum.

If you would like to explore the possibility of creating your own brand or using CBD in your existing products, please contact Bailiwick Botanicals using the contact details in the sidebar.

Sales & Distribution

Bailiwick Botanicals is currently selling its Naked Leaf range of CBD products on the island and these can be viewed on their online shop at For local sales, however, please use the link in the side bar to arrange fast delivery at local prices without VAT.  If you are a store or business that would like to stock the Naked Leaf range of products, please use the same contact details to arrange a meeting to discuss the options available.

For further information about Bailiwick Botanicals please visit their website:

Bailiwick Botanicals

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