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Alibilis is an innovative Guernsey-based company that produces and sells the "Like a Log" sleep spray, which is a natural skin spray that supports a refreshing and sound night's sleep.


In 2020, Guernsey company Alibilis launched its first well-being product, the aptly named “like a Log” sleep spray which is a completely natural product containing mineral salts, vital to good health. The wholly Guernsey owned and run company intends to specialise in well being products which have been made as pure as possible, and plan to develop further lines to promote health and well being. The product packaging design was created on the island. The bottle is reusable and fully recyclable, which was an important stipulation during the development process, and packaging is kept to a minimum, with the ethically sourced, vegan product being suitable for all age groups and ethnicities. The name Alibilis is derived from the Latin word meaning nourishing.

With the world situation currently being as it is, and a good nights sleep being a necessity rather than a luxury, “Like a Log” sleep spray couldn’t have been launched at a more appropriate time.  Containing important minerals like  magnesium chloride, magnesium sulphate, potassium chloride, sodium chloride and calcium chloride which are carefully sourced from a mine deep underground and unaffected by modern pollution,  the spray is applied to unbroken skin at bedtime where the rich mineral salts are absorbed deep into the skin to nourish, and work in harmony with the body’s own sleep hormone, to support a really sound and natural nights sleep by cleverly harnessing the power of nature. Essential minerals contained in the spray, importantly magnesium, become absorbed, and this helps with mood, the immune system, bone health and a sense of well being,  besides most vitally, a good nights sleep. With today’s pressured lifestyle, modern farming methods, and some soils depleted of essential nutrients, many people are deficient in magnesium, which is needed by every cell in the body.  By regularly using the spray which is brimming with this important mineral, available levels can increase gradually and naturally in the body. Magnesium could be said to be one of the most important minerals for human beings, because it cannot be accumulated like calcium, but must be taken on a daily basis. As such it plays a key role in our busy lifestyles. How we sleep, how much strength and energy we have both physically and mentally, how we feel mood wise, and how we master our daily challenges much depends on the magnesium availability in our bodies.

“Like a Log” sleep spray can be purchased from the website, for those wishing to try the spray, where other useful information can be gleaned from the informative blog page.

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