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2nd November 2016
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Time, space and money are commodities that most modern businesses can’t afford to waste but that’s exactly what they are likely to be doing unless they talk to Bolton based Copy Print Services.

Known as a trusted supplier of multifunctional print equipment to hundreds of local businesses, Copy Print Services are now preferred suppliers of document and print management software to give you the opportunity to save time, space and money in the modern office environment.

You can do away with bulky filing cabinets, cut costs in offsite storage yet retrieve and print documents with multi-level security accessibility, at the press of a button.

These document and print management software options are ideal solutions for businesses of all sizes and complexities. Whether you’re a busy law firm, architect, school, medical practice or in fact any business that manages documents – and I guess that just about covers 99% of all businesses in the world – these software options will revolutionise the way you work, saving time, space and of course money.

Filestar allows you to store, circulate, access, track and protect documents 24/7 without unnecessary strain on you existing IT system, making it the perfect document management solution and YSOFT is printer software which streamlines printing right across your organisation, providing user rights, permissions, cost allocation and tracking for individuals, departments and individual machines.

Ysoft allows print jobs to ‘follow you’, meaning they can be sent from any location, car, airport, restaurant or home and picked up later in your organisation, using what is known as ‘Follow me Print’.

The reality is that almost any scenario you might think of, and some you probably wouldn’t, has been catered for, meaning that document and file storage, and management and their retrieval and printing can be achieved using a combination of these two software options.

Copy Print Services are the experts and would be very happy to discuss your particular needs and explain the benefits of Filestar and YSOFT in your business or organisation.

Give them a call on 01204 572172 and find out how you could make savings through printer software in your business.

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