You won't be able to guess how many scotch eggs Barrons of Beef sold this week
7th August 2014
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Barrons of Beef were incredibly busy earlier on this week; they were so busy in fact we had to share their figures for sales of scotch eggs with you.

The team started making scotch eggs early in the morning, using leftover sausage meat and egg and posted a picture on Facebook. How many sales they got from just that one picture show how powerul social media is. 

They originally only made 12 but could never have guessed how many eggs they ended up making.

By lunchtime they had made an unbelievable 96 scotch eggs and had to use more sausage meat! They had never sold as many eggs as they had on that day!

These weren’t your usual scotch eggs either. They were chicken eggs with spicy sausage meat or traditional pork sausage meat and duck egg with traditional pork sausage meat or pork and black pudding sausage meat.

It shows that using Facebook can really help to generate sales and make you money. Barrons of Beef made £170 in just one morning from people seeing the picture on Facebook and then coming into the shop to buy their eggs. 

We can’t promise they’ll have any eggs left when you telephone or visit Barrons of Beef, but they will have plenty of mouth-watering meat, like chicken, beef, pork and turkey.  

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