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26th April 2012
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We know the difficulties many businesses face in the current economic climate, but many businesses will thrive and do better than their competitors.  Most will do this due to their capacity for hard work and innovation which in turn is very much dependent on the quality of their people. 

However, time spent recruiting costs up to £2,500 per job, a cost that most businesses don’t calculate.  Yet the UK’s most loved recruitment business Good People is skilled in enabling you to identify exactly the right person with the right behavioural fit for the job in an easy and cost effective way. 

We create and release job adverts, provide your applicants with an easy-to-use online application process, sift applications, track applicants, review candidates and support your hiring decisions.

But the true value of our service lies in its integrated assessments.  Using Good People, you can quickly and easily create behavioural job profiles, define key questions, scenarios and skills lists, and compare your behaviours, abilities and competencies against what your job requires. It provides a one to five star rating, which benchmarks candidates and shows you which would be the best match. All of which speeds up the recruitment process and significantly improves the quality of candidates you meet and ultimately hire.

If you want to:

Decrease expense & risk - we add a greater level of certainty to your decisions by helping you hire the right person, first time, every time. 

Provide a superior quality candidate experience - Provide an excellent candidate experience by communicating with applicants in a timely, professional and efficient way. 

Speed up the recruitment process by 50% - we take the manual effort out of hiring, reducing your administrative time by 50% whilst maintaining a high professional standard. 

You will be amazed at how low the cost of this service will be compared to the alternatives.  If you need support with your hiring needs, contact us to discuss how we could help.  We would be delighted to help you.

For more details on the above, contact Michael Sweeney from Good People Services on 01204 876755

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