Working for a Small Business - Does Size Matter? Good People Services Explore!
31st March 2011
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Michael from Good People services explores the benefits of working within a small business.

Working for a Small Business - Does Size Matter? 

One of the best great things about working for small businesses is that you get to really feel the market it operates in and see how the whole business works rather than say, just sales or logistics.

Also, staff can feel more of a sense of ownership for the business. It is far more operational and less strategic. You can see whether your input makes a difference, which can be rewarding as well as revealing.

Consequently, you can find high levels of job satisfaction among those working in smaller businesses.

Here is some advice for those looking at working for a Small or Medium-sized Enterprise (SME):

Are you adaptable? You will need to be flexible because you are likely required to get involved in all its aspects.

Choose carefully: Working for a SME can be seen as being riskier, but a lot comes down to looking at the management team. If they have vision, aspiration, and appetite, then it could be a very exciting journey. Seek owners and founders who are passionate about growth and can seize opportunities faster than larger organisations.

Make sure it’s right for you: Small businesses are often lighter on process. If you enjoy the ability to rely on a lot of structures and procedures, you may struggle in this environment.

What are the prospects? There can be great opportunities for personal development and growth. If you want to take on more responsibilities and expand your role, you may find opportunities that you otherwise would not get. SMEs can be poorer payers, often lacking the pension schemes of larger organisations however there is not necessarily a big pay difference. You’ll also get lots of chances to prove your worth and progress. 

Adapt your job search Small firms are more keen to get direct applications, and you can identify the better businesses reasonably easily. Take a look at the firms venture capitalists seem to be getting behind. But remember that smaller businesses may not have a Human Resources department, so it’s more likely you’ll need to approach the management team directly.

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