Winter Car Maintenance
22nd December 2014
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We're now well and truly into Winter with temperatures plummeting. If you haven't already, make sure you follow some Winter vehicle maintenance basics to ensure you don't get caught out in the cold.

Winter Time- Ensure you give yourself a little more time when planning a journey. Allow at least 10 minutes to ensure you have time to defrost the car and clear any snow off the vehicle prior to setting off. Ensure you have clear visibility before you leave.

Let there be light – Make sure your lights are visible at all times. Due to the salt spreading on the roads you can get a build up of dirt/salt on your lights, that reduces visibility for you and other drivers. Make sure you clean your lights regularly so you can see and be seen.

Who’s in Charge? – Flat batteries are common at this time of year. Batteries lose charge quicker in cold temperatures so if you have had trouble in warmer weather then your battery will struggle as the temperature drops. Don’t over use heating and lights, and don’t leave your radio on too long if the engine is switched off. If your vehicle is not being used for a long period, start it occasionally and let it run for a couple of minutes to ensure that battery stays charged. If in doubt have your battery checked professionally. Bosch Car Service garages will do this free of charge.

Feeling Tyre’d – Check your tyre tread depth. The minimum tread depth by law is 1.6mm, which is when the wear indicators on your tyres are level with the tread. However a lot of vehicle manufactures recommend changing tyres at 3mm tread depth, as it is proven that tyre become less effective after this. Alternatively consider winter tyres that are manufactured from a different rubber compound that out performs standard tyres below 7 °C. They also give improved grip in snow.

Keep up the Pressure – Ensure your tyre pressures are at the recommended levels. It is important at this time of year that your tyres are at the correct pressures.

Clean Sweep – Having effective windscreen wipers is essential as the weather takes a turn for the worse.  Check then regularly and make sure they clear the screen effectively. Be careful the morning after a frosty night. Ensure they are defrosted from the screen before use as it may case the wiper blades to split.

Wishy Washy - Ensure your washer fluid is topped up with washer fluid and not pure w ter. Ensure that the correct amount of washer fluid is used so it doesn’t freeze, leaving you with no screen washers. Your screen can quickly become saturated with dirt and salt, and washer fluid becomes a necessity.

Preparation, Preparation, Preparation. – Ensure you have supplies in your vehicle in case of an emergency. Ensure you have a warm coat, ice scraper, torch, blanket, de-icer and maybe a little food just in case you get stuck at the roadside.

Call the Experts – If you are envisaging or experiencing problems with your vehicle, or need professional reassurance then get in touch. We carry out free vehicle health checks that check all of the items above, giving you peace of mind through the colder months. Why not call Bosch Car Service – Lostock Motor Works, on 01204 478120

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