Winter Burglary Prevention 2014 with Leisure Guard.
3rd December 2014
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Burglaries in Winter are always more common, don’t let your house become a target this Christmas and New Year. Leisure Guard have given us some facts and figures about burglaries and how to secure your property throughout winter 2014!

Did you know that in winter burglaries increase by 25% and over 40% of burglaries occur between 5pm and 11pm. This is something to consider, Christmas is usually a hectic time of the year so forgetting to lock a door or window can be easily done.

20% of all burglars enter through an unsecured window or door. With all the gifts under the tree your house is massive target, jewellery and cash are the most common article stolen and over 200 cases where car keys where “fished” through the letterbox!


- Secure all doors and windows
- Light up your home, use timer switches
- Store keys safely away from windows & letterboxes
- Record details of valuables and don’t keep large sums of cash in your home
- Use your alarm, even when you’re at home


Remember when you leave your home to visit family, double check all windows and doors, make sure they are locked and perhaps buy a timer for the lights to give the impression you are in.

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