Wilds Chartered Accountants Introduce 3 New Members Of Staff
11th March 2011
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Wilds Group Chartered Accountants are a busy accountancy practice covering Bolton, Bury and the Northwest.

Wilds Accountants believe Business owners have many of the same aspirations and face many of the same problems and so offer a proactive approach to any planning within your business, always working towards helping you set and achieve your goals. Wilds offer a full accountancy service but also offer their business building 'Ambition' club and also Crossroads events.

Wilds have recently employed 3 new members of staff within the company and thebestof bolton went along to find out a little bit more about them and what it is they find different about working at Wilds Accountants.

The three new members of staff are Natalie Yates, Jose Figueroa and Chris Chant.

Natalie Yates

Natalie introduced herself and answered a couple of personal questions to begin with. She told us her favourite drink was a cold pint of Peroni beer, that she really enjoyed holidays camping with the children in France and the quality she most disliked in people was lying.

Natalie told us that she had worked in accountancy for a number of years, moved out into industry for a while before realising her passion was in accountancy and came back into the profession. Natalie told us the reason she came to Wilds was because of its exceptional reputation, having worked with someone who was a former employee of Wilds, she felt that they were a forward thinking company to work for.

Natalie really enjoys the atmosphere at Wilds, loves the paperless environment that they operate in and the quality of service that Wilds give to their clients. Natalie said that Wilds offered a pre year end tax planning service to their clients well in advance of the deadline in January, making sure that all their clients paid the least amount of tax they legally needed to.

Check out the video of Natalie where she had lots of positive things to say about her employment with Wilds Accountants. 


Jose Figueroa

Jose introduced himself again with a few personal comments. Jose said that his favourite drink was coca cola, that he enjoyed trying new things and so going on holiday anywhere new for him was really great and the quality he most disliked in people was a lack of the truth and people not being honest in every way.

Jose is from Spain originally where he did a “Licenciatura “(High Degree) in Administration and Business Management in the University of Huelva(Spain) and International Business Communication in University Central Lancashire(Preston), he did an Internship for one month in the accounting department of Atlantic Copper, a Metallurgical company of Huelva(Spain). He has now come on placement with Wilds through the Coop. Wilds was one of a number of interviews he had but he chose Wilds as he felt it was the place he could learn the most.

Jose plans to stay and study in the UK for some time as he wants to practice accountancy working with UK businesses.

Jose said that at Wilds he enjoys his work and he feels that he is part of a team and that creates a good environment with the staff both personally and professionally.

Again check out what Jose had to say about working at Wilds Accountants. 


Chris Chant

Finally we spoke with Chris Chant who has been working at Wilds Accountants for 2 weeks now. Chris told us he really enjoys going on holiday to Spain and that he has no time for people who are dishonest!

Chris is glad to be part of the team at Wilds as he feels the environment is one where growth is a priority. Whether that is supporting clients to achieve their business growth or Wilds itself growing as a company. Chris feels that the team are supportive of each other with Their ambition being to move forward as a business whilst assisting each other towards similar goals


So as you can see, Wilds Chartered Accountants really do put emphasis on developing the right team to help YOU and YOUR business. if you would like to speak someone about how their services can help you achieve your business goals, give them a call on 01204 689630 or visit their website where a member of the team will be happy to discuss with you Wilds Accountancy Services, Ambition Club or their Crossroads Events.

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