Do I need a professional business video? Chris Deakin explain
16th August 2013
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In this age of camera phones and YouTube, everybody likes to think they’re the next Chris Colombus or Steven Spielberg. But in reality, if you want a professional and slick video than you need to hire the experts like Chris Deakin Productions.

It takes many years of experience and training to perfect camerawork. Beginners could end up filming shaky shots, out of focus videos and bad lighting that can’t be edited post production. The end result is therefore a complete unusable.

Just because a videographer is advertising their services at an inexpensive price or has the most up to date technology it doesn’t mean they have the correct expertise to produce a high quality film that will do your company proud. It takes a long time to perfect the skills required to be a great film maker. Anybody can say they are and know how to edit but the skills involved are much more than that.

It is recommended that all professional video production companies like Chris Deakin have scriptwriters, technicians and of course cameramen and women on site, should have plenty of experience producing films for national companies and private businesses across the country, have knowledge of business marketing objectives and finally have experience in producing corporate videos.

Well Chris Deakin Productions definitely have all that and much more. They have produced films for Manchester Airport and Bolton Council, They can offer script writing and idea creation as part of producing your film. The team at Chris Deakin Productions have been making promotional corporate videos and films for over a decade, so definitely have the right credentials.

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