Why You Should Say “Yes” To A Woodburning Stove.
10th May 2013
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Fireglow have lots of great products, including woodburning stoves. 

Woodburning stoves are a fantastic way to heat your home as they provide all the charm of an open fireplace but combine this with energy and money-saving benefits.

The main reasons for saying “yes” to installing a woodburning stove, however, are linked to heat efficiency, environmental friendliness and aesthetics. You can use a wood burner to keep you warm all-year round, as the stove is ready to burn seasoned logs whenever needed – which is ideal for times when the weather can’t be relied on! It may be summer now but the climate tells another story, with cool temperatures and wet, gloomy days that demand the warmth and beauty of a log burning stove.

Although there are lots of reasons for getting a woodburning stove, these are the three core ones:

1. Effortless heat

On a damp cold day, you no doubt long to be back indoors, warm and cosy by the wood burner. And with a stove, it’s easy to get a fire started provided you have a supply of seasoned logs and you regularly clean and maintain the stove. With regular checks, you can make sure your woodburning stove continues to work well and look good, and a spring clean is a good idea to really clean the interior and replace any worn parts.

All you need to light a fire in your stove is a clean firebox with excess ash removed – a thin layer of ash is actually helpful. Whenever you’re ready, add some crumpled newspaper to the bottom of the firebox, and stack kindling around and on top, loosely so the air can circulate. Next, add one or two smaller logs, monitoring this as the kindling begins to burn and the fire takes hold.

2. Guilt-free heat

One of the best things about woodburning stoves is its energy efficiency. The majority of today’s woodburning stoves come with an energy rating of over 70%, which is around three-times the maximum efficiency of 25% of an open fireplace. This also means that a stove is less expensive to run as you get more heat per log because they burn for longer, so you need fewer logs to warm your home, especially when you burn seasoned hardwoods like oak and ash.

Add to this the fact wood is practically carbon neutral, and owning a wood burner helps to reduce your home’s carbon foot print. A tree absorbs carbon dioxide throughout its life, only releasing this amount when it’s burned, so be sure to select wood from a sustainable source as every time a tree is felled another is planted – helping to maintain the carbon neutrality of the fuel.

3. Stunning heat

Nowadays, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to woodburning stove designs, including contemporary and traditional as well as designer stoves. You can literally find the right one for your home, depending on décor, budget and heat requirements as wood stoves come in a variety of shapes, sizes and power output.

Most modern stoves feature a large window too, meaning you can enjoy the fire in a similar way to an open fireplace as you have a good view of the burning logs.

Summer is a great time to get your woodburner installed for many reasons.  Less waiting time as summer is off season, better weather conditions for installers to go on roofs etc. meaning your job is less likely to be postponed due to bad weather.  Also, you will be ready for when winter strikes, as in England we never know when that might be!

Fireglow recently installed 3 stoves in one house in Darwen after the owner decided that they wanted to heat their house with stoves rather than oil that they were currently using.  It has already cut the bills and they have recommended Fireglow to a few people already.

Another customer of Fireglow’s spoke to them recently to tell them that their gas bill has been more than halved since they installed a multifuel stove in their property.

So, to purchase your dream fireplace from Fireglow, and save money on your fuel bills in the process, visit their showroom on Darwen Road.

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