Why you should only use diode lasers for laser hair treatment.
28th January 2014
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Penny Dumbleton is the co-owner of the Laser Hair Removal Centre. In this, her new blog, she explains why you should only use a salon with diode lasers.

Chances are, if you’ve been browsing the internet recently, you might have seen on voucher websites offers like 6 sessions of laser hair removal at a reduced cost. This looks too good to be true. And, it probably is.

Many beauty salons have Intense Pulsed Light (shortened to IPL) devices as they can offer many different choices of treatment. This is very cost efficient and can help rejuvenate skin.

Diode lasers only use one wavelength of energy, but IPL devices use a wide spectrum of light, so diode lasers are more effective. Plus, IPL devices subjects patients to wavelengths of light that aren’t needed, don’t work and don’t have the preciseness that a single wave laser like a diode laser has.

The advantage for salons offering six treatments at an affordable price is they know clients will probably need more than six sessions and they try and persuade people to buy more courses of treatment as well as other services and products. The more people they get through the door the higher their income and the more staff they can pay.

The moral of the tale is to not be drawn into having cheap laser hair removal. Make sure you are actually getting laser hair removal and the employee uses a diode laser. Research all clients and centres before you visit.

So the moral of the story is ‘don’t get sucked in!’ if you want laser hair removal, make sure it is LASER hair removal you are getting and the best laser for hair removal is a diode laser, so do your research first.

The Laser Hair Removal Centre of course has a diode laser and offers the best quality treatment. 

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