Why You Should Never Clean Your Own Carpet
25th February 2015
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Recently Revive Carpets was asked to attend a job and quote for carpet cleaning at a home recently in Bolton. When Les arrived, sadly he discovered that the home owners had already attempted to clean their own carpet and had over wet the carpet causing it to shrink away from the carpet grippers and the wall.

The carpet was a very expensive wool carpet and sadly had to be consigned to the skip which has resulted in over £2,000 to replace the carpet and underlay not to mention the hassle of having to empty the room, the time involved and increased insurance costs, assuming the insurance will cover something like this.

Les from Revive Carpets said 'If only they had got me to do the job in the first place, it would have cost no more than £120 for the complete clean, the carpet would have been dry in 30 mins and I would have moved all the furniture out and back in for them so there would have been minimal disruption."

So the moral of this tale is that you may think you are saving money and time doing some jobs yourself but proceed with caution as in the long run, do you really save money?

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